Thursday, November 28, 2013

Additions/replacements to my vanity table - New mirror from Artbox & Acrylic drawers from MUJI

Some additions/replacements to my vanity table.
It previously looked like this here.

I got a new mirror.

I love it's design; it's very simple, classy and easy to clean. Previously I was using the Anna Sui design oval mirror, while the flowery designs are nice and gothic, it traps dust and very difficult to clean. 

Angle can be tilted to suit your needs during eye makeup etc. It's big enough for my face but it's slightly low for my vanity table. It may or may not suit you, depending on your torso length and height of vanity table.

Simple, lovely details which isnt too distracting. I dont quite remember the price but it was below S$50 from Artbox. Maybe S$40 I think

Additions from MUJI

So now my makeup collections look like this. 
The acrylic box on the most right is a new addition too.

Some minor adjustments. Namely, I shifted some bulky blushes/eyeshadows, mini eyeshadow palettes, mascaras, concealers, eyecreams and misc sharpeners etc to the new acrylic drawers. Some bulky foundations/bb creams shifted to the new acrylic stand on the right too, together with frequently used brushes. I have another smaller brush holder for smaller brushes(not pictured here) at the other side of the table. 
(#Daily Work means my basic makeup stuff which I always use for work; includes my primer, eyebrow powder, bronzer, highlighter)

My jumbo palettes got more organized too in this hello kitty box.

I think this is the last time I'm getting any more acrylic containers from MUJI. They're seriously expensive to me and quite ridiculously, I've already spent few hundreds on these alone. Like hubby lamented, "You're spending so much on some transparent boxes??"

Oh duhz.....Just for the obsessive sake of organizing my stuff neatly in see-through boxes. This will be the last time.

And, yes yes I'm recognizing the fact that I owned more than I can possibly use; just like my hubby bluntly remarked "You're buying them faster than you use." Ironically, while I buy and buy, I've always preferred to wear less makeup on most days; crowning the word "natural". And I think back, the only time which I put more makeup was last Halloween...because it was...HALLOWEEN.

So yes, maybe after this year's Nov and Dec's monthly favorites, I may take a break on doing monthly favorites as I should stop buying makeup; at least after I finish at least half of them.

Most likely, I will post my favorites as and when I discovered them; instead of accumulating them on a monthly basis. What should I call it then.........FFM? Fion's Favorite of the Moment? HAHAHA!

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