Saturday, November 9, 2013

Olio Cafe new dishes!

Initially wanted to eat at Canton Paradise, Compass Point.  But was so pissed that they just left us queuing when there are ample ready tables while mastering the art of acting busy and blind.

Still glad anyway. Went Olio Cafe and had a great meal! Standard Chartered credit cards has 15% off despite a Sat. Very worth it at S$40 for 2 in today's and Singapore's standard. The cod was just a tad oily. All in all, good texture, flavors and portions! :) Good service too. 

Btw, why they removed Crayfish and crabmeat pasta(tomato-baesd) from the menu?? So sad!! =(

Seared Cod fish

Seared seabass with lobster ravioli in lobster bisque

Chocolate Lava cake with ice-cream

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