Monday, November 4, 2013

兰陵王 (冯绍峰 Feng Shao Feng, 林依晨 Lin Yi Chen, 陈晓东 Chen Xiao Dong) / 《手掌心》by丁当

Sorry for the lack of updates! I know I'm so lagging on my entries and updates. Like Oct monthly favorites, my virgin Halloween, our 5th Anniversary dinner etc. It's all because I'm busy with work as well as so helplessly hooked with this drama 兰陵王 right now!! 

Will vastly preferred Chen Yi Rong or Ady An Yi Xuan for the female lead, simply because I think they suit the role more and can act SO MUCH better. I have nothing against Lin Yi Chen....but I just dont know how to appreciate her acting style. Very unnatural. On the other hand, Feng Shao Feng and Chen Xiao Dong both have outstanding performances, especially Feng. I think one can simply drown in his depths of eyes exuding much tender love. So handsome and charming. Ahhh.......currently so obsessed with him now. :P Hahaha. Let's see how long it can last. My obsession always come fast and end fast. :P This drama is 46 episodes and I'm at 20th. It gets better and better. I say the pace is moderately fast, suits my appetite as I dont have much patience you see. 

 Was enjoying 兰陵王 on my Lenovo YOGA at BakerzIn. 冯绍锋 is sooooo handsomeeee~ ♥♥♥ 

 I'm very intrigued by the historical figure 兰陵王(He really do exists) and googled about him. It was said he was an invincible warrior from the state of Qi(齊). In fact he was titled the god of war(戰神) because of his tremendous success in all his pursuits. His most outstanding achievement was his war with the State of Zhou(周), where he used 500 soldiers to win 10,000 of Zhou soldiers with his wit and strategy(you have to read more or watch the show to know the full details, I'm too lazy to sum it here). A hero who saved his kingdom, 高長恭 rose to popularity in the State of Qi, which attracted the emperor to kill him out of worry that he's a threat. But the most intriguing thing is that it was said that he was so handsome(and "pretty" maybe, historians described him as 柔美) that he has to wear a hideous and fierce-looking mask in order to intimidate his enemies on the war ground. 

 兰陵王 - 美男子 《北齐书》、《北史》中说他“貌柔心壮,音容兼美”;《兰陵忠武王碑》中说他“风调开爽,器彩韶澈”;《旧唐书·音乐志》中说他“才武而面美”;《隋唐嘉话》中说他是“白类美妇人”。可见,兰陵王的美确是不容置疑、超凡脱俗的。 

Interesting huh~ If you're also interested in historical figures like me, here are some links. 

 And I realized the show pretty much followed what was being passed down in history. But Lin Yi Chen's role, Yang Xue Wu is fictional. Therefore, pretty engaging as the story progresses. =D Oh of course it's not totally about monarchy, there is love rivalry too. Heehee! Super engaging! 


《手掌心》, very nice song by丁当. 


You can watch 兰陵王 in youtube. =)

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