Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Boots Haul + Tips on buying boots

As you well know, Nov and Dec are our wet and chilly months, and it's about the only time which you're not looked upon like a freak when you wear boots. So what better time than now?! Sadly, one of my pair of boots had met with it's untimely demise during the last halloween party at Zouk. By chance I saw these boots and thought their length, size suits me pretty well. It's not easy for me to buy boots because other than I have very small feet, my legs are neither long nor shapely. *Sobz Sobz* So, it's of vital importance that boots I buy can accentuate and flatter the length and shape of my legs. Never simply buy a pair of boots just because it's "pretty". Suitability is much more important to me. 

Uh eh, I dont really fancy the jewel studs, but they still look okie because it's wide "pocket" will be loose around the area near my ankle, so it makes my lower legs look slimmer. I much preferred when they're being pulled up like the one on the right, it sits nicely around 2inches BELOW my knee cap. Which is the preferred length for me as a mid-length boot. 

Oops........sorry didnt realize my mirror is so dirty. Hahaha. In short, it's a comfortable length with a comfortable heel; like maybe a 2inches heel. It's of thick suede material. I was told it's priced at S$30.

I love long boots like this, which stops 1-2inches ABOVE your knee because boots of such lengths gives the most visual impact at elongating your legs. This pair is of suede material, kinda thin and it's so so soft; it feels like I'm pulling up a sock instead of a boot when I'm wearing it. No complicated details, just some dangling black crystals at the sides which are not very visible unless close-up, so it's still acceptable to me. Boots of "such dramatic" lengths are best to come simple and clean-cut...else you'll just look "over" unless you have special occasions or events. I'll love it more if the heels are higher though; they're maybe 2.5inches maybe. I was also told it's priced at S$30 too. Dirt cheap you say?

Lastly, I saw this wedge boots. It caught my eye because it's the highesttttttttttt wedge boots I've ever seen! And I've never own any wedge boot before...I thought. Much less such a sky-high platform wedge. The height is scary enough but I was really amazed at how comfortable and easy they are to walk with; that is, I tried on flat grounds. I almost couldnt believe it, how can a 4.5inches wedge be so comfortable and easy to walk in? =O However I wasnt very enthu to buy because this is actually in size 36, which was too big for me. But the boss helped me to slot in a padding so it fits better. But I think I need to wear thick socks for a perfect fit. Another reason is because the length of the boots stops at right below my knee, effectively "cutting" my legs into "halves", undeniably making them look shorter than they already are

(*Pardon blur mirror...*)

Look very short right? My legs are "halved". Sigh...........Boots of such lengths which stop just below your kneecaps make your legs look shorter than they really are. So such boots are more for long leggy ladies or tall ladies. *So envy....sigh....*

Length and cutting of boots are very very important. And the cutting of this pair are kinda broad too(stiff cut) so they're not tapered close to my legs, thus this pair doesnt slim down my lower legs like the initial 2 pairs do. (If you look closely, the initial 2 pairs were tapered close to my legs). This pair was also priced at S$30. Neither elongate my legs nor make my legs look slimmer, so I've decided to give this pair a miss despite it's really a high wedge boot which can make me look taller, super comfortable to wear and easy to walk. *So dilemma....look taller in higher wedges but shorter legs....zzzz*

And so I was considering(the above dilemma) while I was there..........and was deep in thought..... Finally I concluded and wished to say I'll get the 1st 2 pairs only. But the boss spoke 3 seconds before me, "You buy 2 pairs la(S$30 each), I free 1 pair for you."

WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *Almost fainted*

Okie lor. And so I got all these 3 pairs at S$60!! So it's like S$20 per pair? 
Amazingggggggggggggg right?????

And 2 pairs are long boots, 1 of them is of sky-high platform somemore. You do know usually the higher the heel/wedge a pair of shoe is, the higher is the price right. 
Effectively, with these 3 pairs, I actually have short length, mid length, long(at knee cap), extra-long(over kneecap) boots as well as short heel, medium heel and high-wedge. =P

Alright, if you're interested to know where I bought them from, it's at Woodlands Pasar Malum, just beside the MRT. You do know Pasar Malums are not permanent and usually lasts around a week at any one location huh~


I think very limited stocks for different sizes though. Good luck!

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