Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How I clean my brushes - with cleansing oil

Had quite a tiff with hubby.

Fion Lim
23 hours ago via mobile
Seriously does guys expect their spouses to finish their food ALL the time?? It's just not possible. Stop looking at me like an ungrateful brat just because I left 1/4 pack of large fries after my mac apple pie as supper. — feeling annoyed.

"Dear...你要吃什么? 我 tabao。
"不要! 万一吃不完, 你又骂我。*cup fone"
*Calls again* Sorry dear....你 just 吃。。我不会讲你了。。鸡饭? 鸭饭? 菜饭? 鱼片面线?"
"这些我吃不完。西餐 lor, chicken chop ,我一定吃得完。
FML. Forever I eat western food, else ala carte fillet burger. — feeling annoyed.

And off I went cleaning my brushes. I always feel cleaning brushes or washing dishes is therapeutic for a sucky mood. Snapped a few pics for a simple entry.

I use this acrylic quad box from the BakerzIn mooncake box, filled up 1 quad with cleansing oil, just enough to submerge the bristles. Basically I'm using an inexpensive cleansing oil which doesnt work very well for my face. But it's sufficient for cleaning brushes. So as not to waste it.

(FYI, only some of my brushes are being washed here)

Why I choose to use cleansing oil to clean my brushes?
1) Some of my makeup are water-proof so cleansing oil can cleanse them better off some of my brushes
2) Cleansing oil can condition the brushes better from constant washing; over-washing with harsh agents make them fray earlier. 

Soak and swipe at the sides repeatedly 

Placed them in the next quad.

Add a little water and rubbed them through with hands

Add more water to rinse off thoroughly

Since I double cleanse my face, I double cleanse my brushes as well. Squirt some cleanser in the quads, dilute it with alittle water to wash the brushes thoroughly with ur hands. Take note to remove any oily residue.

Then rinse them off thoroughly

Let dry with cotton pad beneath it. Dont use cotton pads which fray easily. 

Points to Note#
1) Extra care should be given to washing brushes with cleansing oil as you need to make sure there's no oily residue
2) Always let the brushes rest diagonally(not flat) so that no oil/water gets into the interior of the brush because the oil/water might dilute/loosen the glue that holds the bristles and brush handle together. 

I feel that brushes washed with cleansing oil maintains better through time

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