Saturday, November 16, 2013

Budget Sporty Haul(S$200) - HEAD badminton rackets, SKECHERS Sports Shoes, COTTON ON Sportswear

So recently I've been a whirlwind of healthy activities! Lol. So proud of myself lei. =P Actually friends around me have been encouraging me to do more sports to achieve a healthier lifestyle. But for someone who generally dont exercise other than dry-swimming(mahjiong, LOL), you'll understand it's quite a challenge and a huge step to take! Somehow, let's just say one fine day, I suddenly woke up from the other side of the bed and decided to make some changes to my frivolous and flamboyant lifestyle, that is, to start playing badminton with my colleagues and friends(2 different groups)! Woots! It's not that I've never play badminton before(who never right. :P) but it was really donkey years ago. 

And it suddenly dawned on me that........................ 

My badminton racket was nowhere to be found

I own more than 30 pairs of heels, 5 pairs of slippers, 10 pairs of boots/booties and 1 lovely pair of FILA sports shoes. BUT...think too long never wear....the FILA sports shoes spoilt sad....I only wore around 3 times. =(  I remembered it costs 50 bucks. My heart so pain. =(((

I have (sadly) outgrown my old sports wear which I bought donkey years ago from BKK. *SAD* I used to be so slim. =((  I still can wear them lah.....but I feel they kinda restrain my movements. Sigh...

Diao diao~~ 

And comes the Sporty Haul(not all bought on the same day). Frankly speaking, I dont know how long this "sporty" side of me can lasts, HAHA. Even dearie also nagged me dont buy too much or too expensive, as my last FILA shoes also wear 3 times only because my interests come and go as fast as lightning. *humph!* Sometimes he can be so blunt. :P Anyway, I do agree with this haul is super budgeted and I had some really great finds!

Initially I had no time to find a proper pair of sports shoes and I just want a cheap one, so I end up buying a KIDS VELCRO sports shoes from BATA at S$20 simply because their adult sports shoes dont have my size. #$%^&*(*&^%$#$%^&* But after playing(1 game) I realized I cant move very well in them because it restraints my foot movements. after that I looked for another pair. Which is the one pictured below, from Skechers 

Black with hot pink sports shoes from Skechers!! 
LOVE at first sight!! It is SO LIGHT and easy to move around too. 
Thank god got my size! Yay!!
And it was for sale at S$69!! Score!

For my badminton rackets, similarly, I just wanted something fairly decent. Not too expensive, not too lousy either. And I got a pair of suitable ones from HEAD. I prefer a square-shaped racket head than the oval ones and I want a light racket. Mine is around 85grams(which is pretty light already, too light no power), it's around S$25. And I got 2 for S$40, one is bright orange and the other in lime green. Just bought 1 more extra racket in case dearie wants to play too in future. =D Too big to be pictured here properly. I got it from Jurong Point. 

Next up is sports wear! I got a shock when I see some price tags at some royal sporting house etc. Really? S$50 for a sports cropped top?? S$70 for a sports bra(which make your boobs look smaller? LOL)?? Erm.......for a bandage dress maybe....but for a sports bra....sports top.....ehhh.............zzzz. Imagine my glee when I saw some really chio and funky sports bras and sports wear at Cotton On!!!

Opps! Just ignore the hot pink lacy bra, it's not really for sports but hell it's soOooOoo pretty!! And it's only S$10!!! I got the same design in light pink and black/brown but strangely, they are S$25 each. The hot pink one got limited sizes though, on the 50% off rack. =) So in love with neon colours lately. Hee!

The silverish grey sports shorts is so light, comfy and airy. So pretty with inner shorts being lime green/yellow, confirm wont run-light! =D $25.

The purple bra top dont have underwires, only a thin padding but I cant resist buying it because it's soOoo cute!! Of course I'm not going to wear that alone lah. It's going to be under a top. S$25

The lime green/yellow is a great sports bra because it has underwire cups(just like bra with closure) and the material is the slightly thicker kind which can absorb sweat. Great! Because I sweat like a pig during games. :P S$25 too!

The black sports racer tank is of spandex material and it has a slimming effect. S$30. Too bad the other colours are not nice. 

I also bought some lacy briefs at 5 for S$35(not pictured).

Remember to try them on before deciding to buy! The quality of ALL the stuff I bought are pretty good. It's not me to buy something merely because it's cheap. 

Effectively, I've only spend S$200 for all the sports items(for myself); i.e, 1 badminton racket, 1 sports bra, 1 cropped bra-top, 1 sports top, 1 pair of sports shorts and 1 pair of sports shoes. =D 

Conclusion: If you're not a hardcore sportswoman and dont wish to spend so much on sportswear, sports shoes and rackets, here are some suggestions from me because I'm super super pleased with all my buys. Well, except the BATA kids velcro shoes(I wouldnt have bought it if I didnt have badminton the very next day, simply no time to buy!) I'll say my style is a mix of both functionality, quality and style. =PPPPPPP

Disclaimer: Of course I know the things I bought might not be of superior PROFESSIONAL quality like NIKE shoes, ADIDAS sportswear, YONEX rackets etc, but I'm just a regular player, I'm not a PRO so I'm not picky. =)

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