Friday, November 8, 2013

Halloween 2013 at Zouk

The story goes....this Halloween, the sexy Warrior went in pursuit of the naughty Kitty, who wandered into the fields where they bumped into the Ragdoll, sitting just beside the Scarecrow. Woots!! Haha! 

Actually initially I wasnt enthu with posting up the Halloween pictures because oh-my-god, they are so grainy. If you know me, then you'll know I hate grainy pictures. However, nahz....I thought I should just post them since it's my Virgin Halloween and the girls took many pictures. HAHA! In fact, it's the first for Von and Oli too. It's quite the 1st time we clubbed together in weird costumes for Halloween so imagine our excitement! 

The girls travelled a long time into the mountains where I am staying and we spent hours just to prep. I thought their makeup was great! Can you make out who is who(Warrior, Scarecrow, Ragdoll and Kitty)?

I thought it's rather obvious huh~ Haha! Anyway, time flies and I was so busy that I didnt bother to use my camera to take proper pictures as momentos(which I intended to, sigh), but instead Haz snapped around using her iPhone. Which you can see the pictures turn out super grainy despite the lighting. =(

Oli(Ragdoll) made her costume all by herself, including her vibrant red hair wig!! She's so creative and talented!!! And I just realized despite the fact that she always wear very little makeup, she's actually very good in it! She drew Von's(Scarecrow) eyes! Haz, the Warrior is looking sexy and seductive as usual! So she asked me to draw something on her face as well since I joked she looked like a pretty, sexy warrior with 3 freaks with weird weird makeup(which makes us so da-match). LOL. And so, I used NARS gold glitter liner to draw leaves, flowers on the corner of her right face. They all said it's very nice!! Buttttttttttttttt, her hair covered them all the wayyyyyyyyy. [=.=]''''''''''''zzz

Can see my TAIL or not??? Hahaha! I drew leopard prints with brown eye-pencil on the corner of my right face, adorned with gold and pink eye-shadow for the spots. But I regretted not drawing a bigger area because frontal view cant see them at all. =( Actually I already drew ALOT(leopard prints) already until the girls stopped me, saying that if I continue then my whole face will be covered with leopard prints. HAHAHA! I should have realized actually it's NOT enough because my face is simply too BIG. HAHAHA! =\

Von's makeup not bad right!! Despite the grotesque devilish eyes and fish-bone mouth, she still look uber cute!! I think she's quite the only one who can still look so cute despite such a scary makeup already. Lol. 

Anyhow, we reached Zouk pretty early and it's so interesting seeing all the different characters and costumes!! *Pardon my sua-gu-ness, my first time clubbing on Halloween* I almost doubted my eyes when I saw 包公 strolling into Zouk. SO FUNNY!!! Muahahahaha!! Of course there are the dozens of kitties, vampires, ironmen, ragdolls, zombies too. I also saw Thor, 2 Snow Whites etc etc. As usual I shun the cameras mostly. But I do enjoy snapping the pictures for my girlies. =)

Many people wanna take pictures with Von(Scarecrow) and Oli(Ragdoll)! 
And I suddenly realized the spirit of Halloween. =)

We didnt actually order much to drink because they dont drink much. However, eventually we joined a group after been invited. And it was interesting because they are a big group of Japanese around 20+ to 30+ of age maybe. They were very friendly and generous with drinks and offered us shots after shots. Tequila is just not my thing! Anyway, I was concentrating on catching conversation with the pretty demure Japanese ladies. But it was a challenge because they dont understand English well at all.

I was going like this..........conversing with a Japanese lady....(from the start of conversation)

"You're locals?"
"Where are you all from?"
"Oh Japanese!"
"Oh I see.....all from the same company or?" (Because the whole group is easily 20 people)
"Yeah yeah!"
"In which industry?"
"Erm.......customer service? Finance? IT?"
"Yeah yeah IT!!"


When I thought I have nothing much more to say, the Japanese lady suddenly said to me in her weird accent, "You! Go go, talk to our boss and drink with him!" Then she point to a very tall guy in his thirties maybe, some distance away from me.

I was like, ZzzzZzzz
Then I said to my girls, "She asked me go drink with her boss, thought I 交际花 mehhhhh?"
Then we all laughed. LOL. I wished to explain to the Japanese ladies that Singapore girls are just....."not like that"....but when I thought of the language barrier......nahzzz...forget it lah!

Anyway, we merely loittered and danced awhile here and there, went to the dance floor and back etc. And they offered more drinks. Since language is a barrier, so I taught them some 5-10 games where we played for awhile. The Japanese really can drink, and are very fierce in drinking. Zzz. Good thing was they never force us to drink. However, there was this particular Jap guy who got kinda drunk and was a nuisance. So I told the girls that we need to leave already, thank god they were okie with it. Some of my other girlfriends might not leave if I'm in the same situation. Zzzz. And so we fled quietly. :P Felt kinda bad since the whole group were actually pretty nice, but somehow I thought if we told them, they wont let us leave. Because they were that friendly and passionate(in a proper way). 

Had a fun night! Halloween, CU next year!!

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