Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October 2013 favorites

Sorry this came late!

Stila Convertible Colour - Dual lip and cheek ceam in Poppy 

Picture credited to tinted-red.blogspot.com. It's a gorgeous and elegant red and I used this as a rouge for my lips. It's great if you're concerned  with hygience as you use clean fingers to swipe the colour to dab onto your lips everytime. Stains your fingers though. Not for very dry lips. Very pigmented, be careful when applying as it stains easily. Dries to a semi-matt finish, feels like you're wearing nothing and lasts fairly decent. It's still around after a meal, merely faded alittle to a natural red evenly. I'm most terrified of red lipsticks which fades unevenly as it's unglam. The red is classy but usually I'll top it with a pink gloss and I just love the colour turn-out. Love the mirror. I think it looks great on full lips but not on thin lips because it's kinda matt. 

The Skin Food - Eye shadow Brush in 3 Medium

Actually only 2 words are on the brush and it says Skinfood. Zzzz. However, I did a search and my favorite eyeshadow brush is the middle one and it's supposedly to be referred as the "3 medium" eyeshadow brush. It's a firm small brush and I've been using it for years. It picks up the right amount of product, does not trap excess eyeshadows like the one I had from Sigma and blends evenly. The size is just nice for me because I have small eyes and very narrow parallel double eyelid crease, so much so sometimes I look mono-lid when I smile. And I usually only use a single eyeshadow for my crease and crease only. If you have deep-set big eyes and wish to blend a large amount of heavy-duty eyeshadow, then this probably is not suitable(it's not a eyeshadow blending brush). This is great for tapered eyelids and light eyes makeup. =)

Ecotools 5 piece brush set
It's travel size friendly and I love the sizing so much. The 2 brushes on the right are my essentials; The most right mini fluffy brush(eye shading brush), I use it to apply my highlighter as it gives a very natural and light finish. For the 3rd brush from the left, it's an amazing concealer brush which applies my L'oreal TrueMatch concealer flawlessly. I must say these 2 brushes are something I cant do without.

L'oreal Skin Perfection 
-3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution

I like the packaging, though will vastly prefer it with a pump because it's basically cleansing water. It says: Dissolves makeup/Unclogs pores and remove impurities/tones and soothes skin, high performance, hypoallergenic, for Face/Eyes/Lips and suitable for sensitive skin. There are simply days which I dont feel like slathering cleansing oil on my skin and this is perfect. I just saturate a cotton wool with it and wipe all over my face. I can feel the face looks and feels cleaner and also brighter without any sticky feeling nor annoying fragrance. I always double cleanse with my new favorite makeup remover cleanser, L'oreal Sublime Fresh Deep Pure Foaming Water. And face is very clean with no breakouts on my acne-prone skin. However I only use this method of cleansing when I have light bb-cream or merely powder alone; not when I'm having foundation. For eye makeup removal, I use another solely for removing waterproof eye makeup.

L'oreal Sublime Fresh Deep Pure Foaming Water

As mentioned above, I use this in conjunction with L'oreal Skin Perfection -3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution, as double cleansing. It says: remove all traces of makeup, purify 100% of pores with no soap and alcohol. It's a very watery kind of foaming wash which is very gentle to skin. I dont use either 1 of these 2 products alone BUT when I use them together, they do a great job at removing my makeup completely while still leaving my skin fresh and soft, without any break-outs. 

This is something I really appreciate alot. Because while cleansing oil can really go deep into the skin to remove deeply embedded dirt and impurities, it also means they're harder to cleanse off completely. Therefore, using cleansing oil has it pros and cons. Pros, they can remove all waterproof eye and face makeup all at 1 go. Cons, they're harder to wash it off and might cause breakouts if any residue is left.

Btw, I bought the above mentioned 2 L'oreal products with a buy 2 get 1 free promotion at Watson. So it was pretty worth it. 

Vidal Sasson - Premium Colour Care Shampoo

Recently just coloured my hair and they're so dry now. The troublesome thing is whilst the hair is dry and frizzy, my scalp gets oily easily in Singapore's humid weather. This shampoo makes my hair manageable as it's quite moisturizing, and it's not overly so for my oily scalp. So hair stays fresh for more than 8hours without looking flat. I always condition my hair ends after shampooing though.  

Random Fringe Velcro Pads

This is just a random pic I got from the internet but I got the same velcro pads from SASA; they're around S$3+ in a pack of 3. I cut my fringe lately and these are my life saviors at holding up my fringe while I'm doing makeup or washing my face, without changing the fringe style nor leave an ugly dent behind.

Many friends commented I look very different with a fringe. Hmm...mostly say looks younger. I guess so, you'll always look younger with a fringe. :P Hubby seems to be liking it.

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