Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How to sync pictures/files from your handphone AUTOMATICALLY to your Laptop/PC? Vice versa


1) using a connector to connect your handphone to your laptop/PC to COPY&PASTE
2) setting up WIFI/Bluetooth on both handphone and laptop/PC to transfer files by WIFI/Bluetooth
3) Emailing yourself

MANUALLY, for EVERY picture on EVERY other day,

You can set up a DROPBOX, to automatically sync pictures/files between your mobile and laptop/PC daily. (You might have already know this, as the dropbox app usually comes with android phones. =) )

I've personally tried the other methods before and either they're very troublesome, or they take a much longer time.

This dropbox method will install a dropbox folder each on BOTH your handphone AND laptop/PC.

By doing so, everytime you're back home/office, so long so your handphone is placed within a distance from your laptop/PC(sometimes as ridiculously as you simply just walked past), your pictures/files will AUTOMATICALLY be synced on both your DROPBOX folders on both your handphone and laptop/PC. It works both ways.

For example, if you drag an excel or word file into the DROPBOX folder in your laptop/PC, when your handphone comes close, the same excel/word file will appear in the DROPBOX folder in your handphone. And similarly, any pictures/files in the designated folders will also be synced to the DROPBOX folder in your laptop/PC. Do note if files/pictures on either device gets edited or deleted in that dropbox folder, the same goes to the same dropbox folder in the other device(unless you make another copy in another folder).

Basically, what you have to do;
1) download DROPBOX(the program from https://www.dropbox.com, register and everything) on your laptop/PC

2) download the DROPBOX app on your handphone(register and everything). FYI, I'm using Samsung Note 2(android).

Vickki says Hi!

3) On your laptop/PC, install the DROPBOX folder onto somewhere easily accessible, the desktop maybe.

4) Choose what folders to sync. If you choose Camera Uploads, then EVERY single picture you snap with your handphone camera(in the Camera "folder") gets sync to your laptop/PC AUTOMATICALLY. Very hassle-free. Choose this option if you want ALL your handphone pictures to be in your laptop/PC, ALWAYS.


Alternatively, you can choose to sync only selective pictures to save disc space on your laptop/PC. Simply choose/set-up a folder, say, "Dropbox Photos". Just 1 folder, if you're afraid of getting confused. Then, only pictures moved or copied into this "Dropbox Photos" folder in your handphone gets synced to your laptop/PC daily. For mine, for your reference, it's "Photos"(choose this when you're installing DROPBOX program on your laptop/PC)

You can go to your "Gallery", click the pictures which you wanna sync, "Share" via "Add to Dropbox".  When you choose to "Share via Dropbox", even if pictures in the dropbox subsequently gets deleted, the original pictures will still remain in your "Gallery".

Choose your designated "to be synced" folder, for e.g, Photos.

Within the "Photos" folder, you can create subfolders like, "Work Info", "Food" etc, so that it's neater. For e.g, mine are "blog" and "work-info".

Press "ADD" at the bottom. And then it will do it's job.


The pictures will similarly appear in my laptop, in the same exact sub-folders.

DROPBOX can also save your computer-screenshots on your laptop/PC automatically(into it's dropbox folder), so you dont have to open "Paint" program to "Paste" to save it individually.

It's all automaticcccccccc~~~~

I definitely would have to say choosing the "Sync All" option, a.k.a by choosing "Camera Uploads" will be so cool, because you dont even need to shift your pictures or "Share via Dropbox". Everything gets synced automatically.

THEREFORE, you can also choose this option but yet "copy & paste" the pictures you want to keep into another folder in your laptop/PC, and choose to delete those which you wont want in the dropbox folder. To minimize hassle, you can probably do a major cleaning on your laptop/PC once in...maybe few weeks? Depending on your pictures intake.

Alright~ This sounds abit troublesome for the 1st time, but trust me, ONCE AND FOR ALL, you will thank me later when ALL pictures get synced automatically everydayyyyy~ =D

(Disclaimer: I'm no IT expert and I'm just sharing. Please do necessary backups of your pictures/files as I'm not liable for any loss of info during your Dropbox Synchronization. This entry is not paid in any way)

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