Monday, October 22, 2012

Always choose female doctors for female checkup

Anyway, while waiting for my ice-cream, I'll just have a quick review of my last female health screening at Raffles Hospital last week. Every 2 years, Great Eastern will provide me with a free female health checkup at a medical center of their choice because I purchased Pinklife, a female illness policy.

My 1st female checkup was 4 years ago at Camden Medical Center with a male doctor. I remembered I can choose between Camden and Gleneagles but only male doctors were available. Of which I called up Great Eastern and complain/feedback to them. Hello, if you know very well this is a female health check to ladies, it's only reasonable that you arrange female doctors! It's such a basic customer care. Thank god they took in the feedback and came out with the option of female doctors for the next checkup(2years ago) with which I transferred to my mum. Ya, the checkup is transferable.

As my female check up at Camden was my very first virgin experience, I thought it was supposedddd to be that unpleasant. The checkup includes breast examination, pelvic scan, Pap smear and physical examination Etc. Very basic. So I was kinda surprised that last week while making the appointment with Raffles hospital, I was required to fast for 8 hours. This year's free checkup includes more stuff like checking my blood, cholesterol etc, together with the original basic package.

To be fair, I'm pretty sure a male or female doctor does make a huge difference to the overall experience, as you'll certainly feel more at ease with a female doctor. But seriously there's more. After my female doctor(Raffles) examined my breast for lumps, then I realized how different it is as compared to my last experience with the male doctor at Camden. As I recalled the last unpleasant experience at Camden, awkwardness aside, he simply grabbed(sorry no other way to put it nicer) BOTH my precious at the SAME time with BOTH his hands and squeezeeeee. Machiam like squeezing orange juice. Argghhh! And I thought breast examination is supposed to be like that. But it's not! My female doctor from Raffles hospital, on the other hand, examined each breast carefully by pressing it with slight pressure with 3 fingers at a time to different points on the chest area to check for lumps. She even examined as far as near the under-arm, where actually our 副乳 are. Finally, she also checked the nipples. And I suddenly found the male doctor at Camden to be grotesquely unprofessional. As much as the Pap smear is still pretty uncomfortable, she is undoubtedly more gentle than the last rough one I had with the male doc at Camden.

The point of my post is, go for female doctors for female checkup. I might be biased just because my 1st(and last) experience with a male doctor was unpleasant. But seriously, I think females do a more meticulous and gentle job and are *ahem* certainly more professional, especially where female organs are in concern.


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