Tuesday, October 16, 2012


We were at a shopping center where dearie and me both parted to visit the loo when he found an iPad in the cubicle which he was shitting. Lol. Then he said, "Pass it to customer service?" And I said, "Dont be silly. This is Singapore, not Japan. The customer service people will just keep it for his/her/their own since they can easily dont record the lost&found." 

I'm so sorry, I'm so blunt sometimes to my (poor)hubby but you know, he's like the very 单纯 sort and always think everyone is as kind and without bad intentions like him, which is so not true. I hate it and love it. Sigh....so I always have this "heroine" feel in me to always want to protect him.....a man of 1.8m towering over me...a chillipadi....haha....

Anyway, with a roll of eyes, I asked him to pick it up while I figured what can I do with it. And so he picked it up and strolled out of the toilet with a look that clearly looked as if he just murdered someone and looking all guilty for it. ZzzZzzz. Initially I thought we can slowly explore the iPad to see if I can find out who's the owner after we find a place to sit down. But dearie was so fidgety and so NOT at ease holding on to the iPad because he felt as if he did something very wrong. 

"I just feel uneasy holding on to this..." He whined.

"Okok, pass it to me."

And soOooOoo, knowing how not-at-ease he felt, WITHOUT looking for a place to sit down, we merely stood by some corner and I began to explore the iPad. Dearie said, "Cant find any info....but he must be a kid lah, because when I on the iPad, it was in the middle of some game." Then I rolled my eyes, "So play games must be a kid lah, then arent you a kid for always playing games on your iPad/S2 too?" He blushed immediately. Haha. Anyway, if it's a kid, he/she will be with his parents and I'm sure the parent wont let the kid to go toilet with his iPad. They will definitely keep for the kid one mah. Anyway, I'm not one to assume and jump into conclusions though I really dont think he/she will be a kid. 

So I began exploring the iPad. And while I'm exploring(with bright eyes), dearie was like hesitating and finally said...."Dear....it doesnt belong to us, we better dont see the things inside lah.... And then I told him, "If I dont explore the stuff inside, how to find out who's the owner? There must be some info in the iPad."

While speaking so, I gleefully discovered that the iPad has active email correspondences! Which means I can see the owner's email addresses and able to email himself. However, there was no WI-FI at the moment so I use my own iPhone to email the owner. Eventually he called few hours later and we passed it back to them at the same shopping center. =)

They were of course very appreciative and thankful! Especially the girlfriend. They are in their twenties. They even bought us fruit tarts from Yamazaki! I recognized the box/plastic bag right from the start. Initially we were pleasantly surprised and declined accepting it for the first few times. But after the 3rd time, then I was like...."Haha ok then thanks......hee..." I'm sorry, I simply cant resist cakes/tarts!! If it's money, we'll definitely decline. 

We did exchange a few sentences. You know me lah, auntie mah. I was like....hee....asking them to be careful lor because I doubt they will be so lucky again the next time. And the gf was like nodding her head up and down, agreeing totally. Lol. The bf looked shy and quiet. Dearie and I were saying dont be so careless in future...lol...are we very lo-soh?

It feels great to be appreciated like this. =) 

Unlike the girl whose wallet I picked up in Jcube's toilet, not only was she demanding that we immediately return her despite saying we're in a movie and will return her after that. I was rather annoyed by her attitude. She simply checked her stuff anxiously when we met, took it and left. So not appreciative. It was a super fat wallet which I founded in the toilet cubicle too, with more than few hundreds of cash, some useless cards and such. Saw a student pass and realized it belongs to an Indonesian exchange student. That explains the huge stack of bills huh. I was thinking it will be very troublesome to return since we had to drop it at her letter box(with her address on her pass) when I fortunately found a clinic card which had her handphone number. So same thing, I dropped her a message to call me.  

Hmm.......personally I dont like people who picks up stuff and claim it as his/her own IF there are means of finding who's the owner. Like handphones...etc. I lost my handphone twice last time and nobody returns it. Though of course if it's money like $10 or $50, I will pick it up la. But if a bag of few hundred thousands then wont. Confirm something wrong. Lol. I really do wish Singaporeans can be more like the Japanese....but guess it's hard.....It's sad that while our country can be among the top for economy, education, medical etc but ethics and manners wise.........haiz...............

Movie: The bullet vanishes
Ratings: 4/5
Comments: So far we feel Nicholas Tse's movies have a minimum standard. 
Very interesting plot, hard to find 1 nowadays. 

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