Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Samsung Note 2

EmooOoOoOoOooo!~! Just realized the telcos are not selling them without contracts and I cant recontract mine because it has been less than 1 year. Samsung shops, Courts are currently out of stock though can pre-order at R.P S$998. Will need a few weeks. I tried to find online for local shops but the 2 I found also out of stock. Except export set which is going at S$870+. Better dont take the risk. Haiz So sad.......I want it nowwwwww!!!!!! =(

Almost feel like screaming, "Whoever can get me Samsung Note 2 in white now, I'll marrrrrryyyyyy himmmmm!" Then suddenly realized, "Eh, I'm already married." Wahahahahaha~! Okie just for laughs. =P Dearie is very sweet though, he wanna get it for me as our anniversary present but I'm considering as we kinda stopped giving each other anniversary presents in recent years because we really dont feel the need. We always get what we want as and when we like and we usually dont lack anything during the anniversary date. Just so this year for me. Hee. And if he gets me an anniversary present this year, it means I will also need to get him one. Which is headache la...........dont know what to buy!! Then might as well I buy my own stuff la since he dont really need anything now. =P I'll see what I can buy him then see how la..... another Mont Blanc pen? But he already has 3! ZzzZzz. Wallet....belt....? Hmm..............

Anyway, I should be trading in my old iPhone 3GS and iPhone4, both 16GB, so I guess I just need to top up S$500+ if I want to. Which might be better la because everytime dearie buys me stuff, he will set all the wagging tongues of those kpo people, as if it's their business!! Super irritating manz!! As if hubby pampers wife got problem like that. I also buy him stuff okie!! From branded shirts to pants to ties to cufflinks to belt to wallet to pens to perfumes also got okie!! Just short of buying him briefcases because those costs over S$5K and I ask him to buy himself. =PPPPP Naturally he'll spend more on me because he earns more what. Super common sense. I did "top up" and "value add" with "care and concern", which he seldom give me. =P

These green-eyed devils, only see the things he bought me and never see the things I bought him. Know nuts and nothing better to do. Hope their tongues rot and can never talk!!! Wahahahahaha!!

Samsung Note 2, 你逃不出我的手掌心的!!!! Muahahahaha!!!

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