Monday, October 8, 2012

Amy Cheong is so fcuked. Lol

NTUC fires Assistant Director for racist comments

By  | Yahoo! Newsroom – 3 hours ago

Seriously, she's an assistant director(at NTUC)?? *faints* 
How can an assistant director do such a dumb thing, by giving such a illogical and racist comment?? 

And, what has ROM fees or holding a "real wedding" got to do with divorce???!!!

People divorce because of various reasons and it definitely doesnt mean if you hold a lavish wedding or spend a 100K to get ROM, then you'll be happily ever after!! People can stay together for a lifetime even if there's no marriage or even if ROM only costs a dollar. On the contrary, people who get proposed with a 1 carat ring or hold a grand wedding spending $50K or more can get divorced too. ROM fees shouldnt be a high amount because that will be an insult to the meaning of love and matrimony. Like, do you mean if I cant afford to ROM, then I'm not fit to love and bind someone to matrimony with all my unabiding love? And if a wealthy man supposedly can afford to ROM despite all his philandering ways outside, then he's fit to marry? That's so not true. 

From her twitter, she doesnt look very repentant leh.

As if her comments werent hurtful and cruel~ Other than dumb, I really dont know how to describe her~ She kept repeating Malay weddings, held at void decks etc, obviously, it's a racist comment mah! And void deck Malay weddings is a custom and we should respect each other's customs, just like how the other races respect how Chinese burn joss papers during the 7th month. Since when we're questioning how economical or lavish is one's customs? So having wakes at void decks or nearby the homes instead of having an elaborated funeral at some lavish country clubs means cheapo? *Rollz eyes* It's the Chinese custom to hold it at void decks as there's a saying if people passed on in hospitals or anywhere else other than their homes, they will prefer to "go home" first before "leaving".

I'm happy that she's sacked. =D It's sad that some people simply do not have the heart to feel for people, even people they dont know. Weddings are such joyous occasions!! Even time I pass by Malay weddings at void decks, no matter how bad my day is, the non-smiley-me will uncontrollably carry a smile, feeling happy for them and those happy guests will always smile back. =) I love a community like that. But sad to say, only the Malays/Caucasians/Filipinos are friendlier and more cheerful. Chinese are generally more reserved. That being said, even passing by wakes sometimes held at void decks, my spirits will just dropped a little, as I thought someone might have lost a husband....a father....a son....Sigh.....

If only people can spare a though for the others before having some frustrated or bad thoughts, or even worse, publishing offensive remarks that can spoil someone's day. Sometimes even when I'm frustrated with reno noises coming from nearby units, I will tell myself, "Hey! You made the same noises when you were renovating your house too!!" Then I will try to get out of my house or something. It's not as if people want to create those noises, I'm sure they wish their reno can finish the soonest so that they can move in too, isnt it?

She's such a disgrace to the Chinese and Singaporeans. Saw from Facebook she's banned from her gym. Lol. Oh be careful if you're out of your home Miss Amy Cheong. =)

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