Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm Ok now, thank you :)

Been missing out alot. Sigh.......this has been a very bad year for me. Very very bad. 2nd hospitalization this year and the last was merely a week plus before only. Sigh........ Anyway, I stayed in Gleneagles for 2 and a half days but will be billed as 3 days as after 6pm(till 12pm the next day) will be considered another day . Which is....I just dont understand this logic by hospitals lah. But since I'm okie already by the evening, I just discharge myself. The doc kept wanting me to stay.

It was actually very bad the first night as the intense pain was torturous. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate it 8 to 9. So immediately I was given a jab to stop the pain. Bliss. But only for a few hours. =( When pain came back again around midnight, I really cant endure it and asked for another jab. This time round, it was stronger and finally I was able to sleep. Continuously, I had pain the 2nd day too but it was bearable, around 5 out of 10 so I didnt ask for any jab. Didnt want to be addicted to it. But I'm almost 100% sure I developed wrinkles on that very day because my forehead and face was so "shrivelled".

Cel came to see me on 2nd night and I'm so glad for her company. Our constant chatting took my mind off the pain. She's so sweet to tabao for me. Damn funny. I was saying I felt like dying when every meal is....porridge....kway teow soup.....you know I'm such a 重口味 kinda person and I was just....emo siah.

I was having this boring and bland kway teow soup when she said(what'sapp),
You want me to tabao something more "exciting" for you??

LOL. I almost jumped with glee.

"Yesssssss!" I said

"Anything you cant eat?" she asked

I said, "Er...nothing too oily or spicy. No potatoes or soya products."

"Oh Then I buy kway teow soup for you oki? Haha"


Noti girl.

Though of course I didnt want her to go especially out of the way. However she's so nice, as she's in Orchard, she went Paragon to tabao BakerzIn's Bacon and Ham Aglio Olio for me. =P Of course, less oily and non-spicy.

I was anxious to discharge so when the 2nd night(daytime pain, subsided by night time) passed by without pain, immediately I wish to discharge already that very next day. But I thought it's safer to just stay for half a day to monitor, so that pain dont come back. And also, I need to wait for dearie to finish his meeting then he can come fetch me.

To friends who really care, sending me messages and such, I'm really grateful. Because I didnt really...like whine dramatically. Ok lah I did whine alittle on FB, saying after I'm discharged, I must have a good meal! That's how they knew/guessed that I'm in hospital...again... Because I really felt miserable in the hospital. =( This time round, it's really bad because the pain was kinda persistent and not very bearable. But I didnt complain about my pain nor say much about why/how I'm hospitalized because I dont wish to be a whine baby.

For people who think that I like to go hospital even for minor health issues, just so I can claim the expenses, it's not true. It was so much pain that I had tears falling down my face all the time during the 1st night before I was given the jab. My doc had to wipe my tears. :~( Though again, I didnt really like to emphasize how miserable I was to warrant the need. God will know. And seriously if we can return the iPad which we picked up to it's rightful owner without any hesitation(the entry just before/below this), why do you think I wish to go all the way to the hospital, get myself poked with so many needles, so many jabs, do so many blood tests, go on drip, just to claim the expenses? I can jolly well take pills at home or see a GP nearby. I did considered that prior to admission but my pills dont work and the GPs at my area suck big time. Not competent at all and it was pretty late already, most clinics were closed. Until now, the place where they poked the needle for the drip(near the wrist) is still swollen and painful. =( I wonder why though.....

By the way, dearie so funny. He said Gleneagles should change name to GlenFino. Because all are Filipinos! Lol!! Only my doc is chinese(Singaporean). *faints* I felt as if I'm in Manila~ ZzzZz

I'm okie now already although I still need to be very careful with my diet. =) Thanks for all your concern. =)

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