Monday, October 29, 2012


Our.......*ponders*....4th anniversary is coming. Omg! Has is been so long?? How did I did it??!! Just kidding my dear, hee, you know I love you till the sea dries up and the mountains become nua nua(海枯石烂). =D Sooooo my little head was cracking with ideas on where to have a nice dinner. I can never trust dearie with his choice again because the last Les Amis experience sucks big time. He thought prestigious and atas restaurants are confirm good, which is so not true.

Actually I don't know what's up lately but all my favorite restaurants closed down at the same time. I'm actually not very surprised that they closed down....erm in a way....but rather why all around the same time.... Dearie always remarked the restaurants I like always close down...that's why he always tell me, "Dear, you don't love me too much ok? I scared I also toh." But I also don't understand why leh. I wrote excellent reviews for them at hungrygowhere leh!

That's why I was so terribly grouchy for the last 2 months. :(
All these restaurants/cafes are my favorites and they had closed down. *devastated*

MeatWorks at Ion, I missed their cod fish :(
Aerin at Raffles City, my fave prawn risotto, duck confit, profiteroles. :~(
Tokyo Deli Cafe at raffles city, my fave sautéed prawns, Pork patties, salads and longan tofu...
Cova cafe at Paragon....nice cakes, tarts and tea....

The Ship Restaurant didn't toh.....but just shifted from Shaw to Nex....phew...

And I just realized The French Kitchen also toh liao. :(

好人不长命,难道restaurants also??

Omg....hopefully Dozo, The Tastings Room and Tea Cosy don't toh! Please support them! Their food is awesome!! Although I hope we can try somewhere new for our upcoming anniversary. Please give suggestions if you have any. Prefer French or Italian food. Hee!!
Currently contemplating Gunthers(widely raved), Sky on 57(MBS) for the view (but weird menu), il lido(Oh we have a 1 for 1 voucher!). Of course, good food with a great view and nice ambiance definitely won't hurt!

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