Sunday, October 7, 2012

Taken 2

Ratings: 4.4/5
Comments: I realllyyyy reallllyyy dont think you or anyone need any urging to catch this flick!! If you haven catch the part 1 yet, please do so!! A comparison with the previous sequel is so expected and if you wanna ask me this question....Hmmmm.....I wouldnt think it's better but yet I dont think it's inferior too!! It's still pretty thrilling though I feel the action moves and plot can be improved. Anyway, half the time I'm having heart-shaped eyes on Liam, at the same time thinking what a b* the wife is for leaving him for another man. Lol. Okok...I merely meant the story, nothing personal on the actress. Definitely worth a catch in the cinemas! =D

I still cant believe Liam is 60 already!!! Those light blue eyes are so charming. Kekeke! I dont know why he suddenly looked so much taller in Taken 2, and I was gasping to dearie, "Is he like 2metres??!!!" 
I'm close. He's 1.93. ZzzZzzz. 

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