Friday, October 19, 2012

Please respect your wives

Waiting for dearie to finish his dinner now with annoyance. It's nothing to do with my darling. There's this stupid uncle at the neighbour table and he has been raping me with his eyes for the past 30minutes. I was like "ARGHHHH!!" There's a difference between admiring glances, staring or simply lecherous ogling!! Tmd qi si wo le!!! Wore my jacket and still it's the same. It's like so obvious, his head kept turning to a 45degrees towards me like every minute or so. And why can't he even respect his wife who is sitting opposite him??? If dearie is like that, seriously I will just leave. And if it wasn't for fear of making his wife(who has done nothing wrong) lose face, I really would have growled "他妈的!! 看够了没有!!"

Super duper irritated!!!! *roarrrrrrrrrr*

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