Thursday, March 7, 2013

别俯 @ China Square - favorite salmon don case you're thinking I have a problem with my taste buds and thus rate every restaurant negative, it's not okie. I merely have high expectations of my food because my mum is a great cook and I'm not too bad either. I'm just picky with food lah. I kinda felt bad that I didnt post some reviews as soon as I should because some of my favorite establishments closed down(surprisingly!) and that really made me very very sad. Not that I feel a positive review from me will make them prosper(I'm not RERG), but it's like, I feel I should commend them! Who knows,,,the power of word of mouth? Sigh............

Here's one recommendation if you love salmon sashimi. For all places, my favorite salmon don is from 别俯 at China Square. It's so cheap, maybe less than S$15 but yet the salmon were all super fresh and plentiful.

They're famous for their ramen. I tried before but maybe I'm just not a ramen person so it did not impress me.

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