Monday, March 18, 2013

Do you believe mermaids exist?

Cruised by a link and found it to be extremely intriguing.

Mermaids; the body found (pause right in the beginning and leave it to load for an hr or so before playing)

However, it's kinda disappointing that the videos/pictures/sightings were not clear or concrete. But they did share some so-called evidence that mermaids do exists; Like for example; paintings or drawings of mermaids had been shared all over the world at around the same time; ancient times where planes haven been invented, only to be discovered decades or centuries later. The spears pierced in the fleshes of sharks or whales. Who could have used them? Hmm...yes I cant quite imagine any marine species who can hold or throw a spear. LOL. Maybe the octopus? But I dont think they know how to make spears!! And supporting the fact that we humans evolved from apes, limbs can magically disappear when you dont use them(snakes used to have legs, dont you know), and living things can gradually reform and regenerate as means of survival and adaption................

Maybe it's possible that mermaids do exists.

Hmmm..........but even if they do..........I believed they're already extinct. Anyway, speaking of mermaids, here's a reminiscence of a HongKong movie which I like very much. I was..........maybe in secondary school then? Lol. It has been so long. Romantic and funny, by Ekin ChengChristy Chung and Takeshi Kaneshiro(金城武). I love Christy. I missed her movies.

人魚傳說 (Mermaid got married)

 Loved the 2 theme songs, 天空 and 天使 by Faye Wong. =)

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