Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Updates on Giant Garbage Fly in food at Antoinette, Mandarin Gallery

To be fair to Antoinette, here's an update of their email reply to me 6 days ago, which is a very long and detailed email of apology etc, pertaining to my previous entry: Giant garbage fly in food at Antoinette, Mandarin Gallery.

Rae Ng <raeng@sugardaddy.com.sg>
Feb 27 (6 days ago)
to me
Dear Fion,

Thank you truly for your email as well as your Facebook message which we read with concern. We sincerely thank you for highlighting your encounter to us and we do hope you are feeling better.

Since reading your feedback, we have wasted no time in investigating the cause of the fly in our dish. It's been identified that the fly came from the salad. As mentioned, the salad was sourced directly from a trusted supplier and are delivered fresh for our use. It's thrice washed and we will serve them after a quick toss with our dressing.

We seek your understanding that this was a one-off incident and nothing of this nature have ever occurred in our restaurant. We note the severity of this incident and thus have written to our supplier warning them of the situation and have requested for a formal investigation on their end as well. Our email to them is attached for your reference.

Addressing your concern on the hygiene and cleanliness of our kitchen, please be assured that we treat cleanliness as our upmost priority and we spare no efforts in ensuring that our kitchens meet all industry standards. Since your feedback, we have conducted a thorough cleaning of our kitchen as well as ensure all fly traps are in optimal working order.

However, we agreed that our restaurant manager, Zul had failed to attend to your feedback in the proper standard of customer service which we require for such a sensitive situation. On behalf of him and our team at Antoinette - Mandarin Gallery, we take this opportunity to convey our sincere regrets and apology to you and your friends for failing to serve you the level of service and food quality that our group practices.

In apology, we would like to undertake the medical costs that you have incurred. We hope you will allow us to do that, notwithstanding if the dish had caused your stomach upset.

Aside to this, as we truly regret spoiling the dining experience you and your friend had encountered at our restaurant, and thus we would like to invite all of you back to our restaurant. Please allow us to host you for a meal which we hope will change your opinion of our restaurant's standard.

We sincerely hope you will accept our sincere efforts in addressing our earlier shortfall. Thru our gestures, we trust you will review your opinion of us. We assure you that we will make the necessary improvements that your feedback have since highlighted.

Fion, we hope to hear your favourable reply on our recommendations. If I could assist you further, please do not hesitate to contact me on my mobile at 9XXX XXXX.

Best regards
Rae Ng
Marcom Manager 
Sugar Daddy Group Pte Ltd
30 Penhas Road
Singapore 208188
T: 62933121
F: 62933220

And my reply to him just 5minutes ago;

Fion Lim <@gmail.com>
12:14 AM (5 minutes ago)
to Rae
Hi Rae
Thank you for your long email reply. Oh so this email does exists.....I thought it was a joke initially...so did my friend. 
Indeed, the whole experience was pretty gruesome as I now have phobia having salad or just anything leafy.....
You probably wont understand unless you've been through the same thing, though I hope not.
While I do understand that such unfortunate incidents do happen....I only wish that my friends and I had been treated with more courtesy and sincerity. Just let me rant abit, despite your very sincere apology. I know Zul might have felt the entire dish had nothing got to do with him since he did not prepare the dish(his expression said it all)....but really....his disconcerned and lackadaisical attitude really makes my blood boil. If only he showed the teeniest bit of empathy, all this wouldnt be necessary. 

I appreciate your offer of reimbursing my medical bills and such(transport bills incurring so, I hope), please kindly view the attached.

For your generous hosting, I wish to make the reservation on XXth March and I would gladly prefer it to be at XXX outlet. Just let me tell you why. Besides the stigma, actually frankly speaking, the service of the crew at Mandarin Gallery wasnt really commendable, for a restaurant of your standards. And the premise was actually pretty crowded. In fact, on that day itself, 1 of my girlfriends was given a tiny stool which was more applicable for bags and another girlfriend actually had a chair wayyyy too low for our table. The 2 poor girls suffered backaches for the few hours we were there and I really think they deserve the complimentary treat too. Putting together our revulsion for the place, the furniture, the service crew, I really hope you can grant us our request.

Thanks so much for hearing me out. You dont know how much it matters to me.


And if you're keen to know, my medical bills was only S$30 only lah, very cheap GP. But because I was quite unwell, I cabbed there and back, amounting to maybe S$30+? Peak hour jam on the way back, not my fault okie.

*Updated* The compensation brunch here

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