Friday, March 22, 2013

Review: Princess and 7 kungfu masters (笑功震武林)

Movie title: Princess and 7 kungfu masters (笑功震武林)
Ratings: 4.5/5

Comments: HK has been famous with their action films but it has been a long time since I caught an action film that good other than Ip Man. A wide array of weapons like sword, knife, axe, clubs, daggers, hidden weapon(暗器), 棍 etc were being used and I also enjoyed the traditional fist fights among the veteran actors like Sammo Hung and 元华. The introduction of some new blood like 伍允龙 Philip Ng(starred 洛天) and 蒋璐霞 (starred 洪凤, used the chain-like weapon) who fight really well, are very refreshing too. I realized there are many newbies who are popular look-alikes in this show; like Rainie Yang, Linda Chung, Donnie Yen, and I think there was even 1 guy who looked like Andy Lau(dearie and I exclaimed at the same time. Haha). Funny and engaging action flick which you shouldnt miss. But pretty violent, not recommended to bring kids along.

I'm pretty...intrigued or you can say...fascinated with both 伍允龙 Philip Ng and 蒋璐霞. A little gossip here; Philip is Linda Chung's(鍾嘉欣) boyfriend and it is common knowledge that Raymond Lam was once hot on her heels but was rejected again and again. It's mind boggling that despite Raymond's good looks, fame and wealth, he wasnt able to move Linda. Instead, Philip did. So it's either something is very wrong with Raymond, or else Philip is amazing. Lol. It's also not the first time I seen 蒋璐霞 fights and manz, this lass packs a punch! I saw how she fought in 僵尸新战士(Vampire Warriors) alongside 元华周秀娜钱小豪 and seriously I've never been so entranced with a female who fights that charmingly and suavely. 真是太帅了! Just like my dear Jet Li. Heez! I wish she has more movies. It's time female action stars make it big!! Time for someone to take over Michelle Yeoh. 

And damn funny lor, in the beginning of the show, a very familiar voice was dubbed; Stephen Chow!! Ahh.......kinda missed his comedies. Hmm.......if he's the 搞笑之王,then Sandra Ng is the 搞笑之后. I bet one can never imagine she can be or remain that popular after so long; in fact, no female has actually taken her place. She's still the queen of comedies. While I'll say, Ronald Cheng and Wong Cho Lam had slowly ventured onto Stephen Chow's path. 

(P.S Went for Antoinette's compensation lunch for the garbage-fly-in-food incident. Will blog soon.)

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