Sunday, March 17, 2013

Starfish.........stars of the sea.


Do you know that starfish has no brain?

Instead, they have a kind of nervous(holy shit, for awhile, forgot how to spell "nervous") system below their skin which helps them to detect light, touch and temperature of water around them. These in turn guide them to orientate around in the waters. They have no blood nor head. But they do have a mouth located at their "belly", underneath the upper surface. Their eyes located at the end of each arm. If any arm gets cut off, it's capable of regenerating on it's own! Some species can even regenerate into a whole new starfish from a severed limb. They breed the same way as fishes do but despite their name, Starfish, they're not fish; They're termed echinoderm, the same family as sea urchins. Starfishes are edible(by humans). Simply break it by bending 2 opposite arms upwards(the bottom splits apart in a star shape too) and digging out it's interior flesh. Looks veryyyyy gross. But I've never eaten before. =P However, I did hold them before in my hand when I was young. They're extremely rough on the outer surface. With dozens of tiny tube feet pinching my hand gently. Lol so cute.

Next time if you feel like scolding someone "You're such a brainless idiot!!", try saying "What a Star fish you are! OR "You're such a Sea Star(another name for Starfish) with a smile. =) Somehow, you'll sound more polite. LOL.

I've always been very fascinated with marine life. I believe they're the most gorgeous species on earth with their vibrant colours, out-of-the-world forms, amazing camouflaging and preying capabilities. I just hate myself for been so aqua-phobic as I nearly drowned when I was 10. How I envy some of my friends who are divers, who can dive deep down into the sea paradise and get to see them, touch them, feel them. I think I can only rely on pictures, videos, visit aquariums or take submarines(took a mini one in U.S Universal Studios before) to replicate those sightings and feelings.

Lol. This starfish just "looks" so happy!!

Be happy everybody! =)

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