Wednesday, March 13, 2013

老江一品粿条汤 L J Superior Kway Teow Soup (Bt Timah Branch)

If you love the famous abalone noodle soup in JB(I'm not sure exact address, friends bring me go eat one. Hee. It's pretty famous) then  I think you'll like this too. It has been a long time since I tried the JB one so I cant really compare but currently I'm loving this! Especially when I have craving for soupy food at night! It opens from 11.30am to 2am!! Great for suppers. =)

I love the broth and the sliced abalone most of all! 
The standard bowl(S$8.80) comes with prawns, abalone, pork meat balls, lean pork meat, fish ball etc 
but I always order with a special request of prawns and abalone only and I always add extra sliced abalone at extra S$3. My order thus came like this; 5 medium size prawns with 7 pieces of sliced abalone. =D 

Oh, by the way, there was once when I was served with much lesser ingredients than the above; like maybe 3 prawns with 5 slices of abalone for the exact same order. And I voiced it out to the staff, showing them this picture and they promptly gave me additional prawns and abalones....not sure I'm doing this right...but really need to be consistent mah. =P So feel free to save this picture.......

I've tried adding whole abalone(Australian) before at S$10 and it wasnt worth it. It was soOooO tiny and doesnt taste fresh.

炸小鱼条(fish strips) (S$3.20)
We always order this as a side too to complement. Very crispy and fragrant!

I'll say basically the service is pretty good there. Although no air-conditioning, the place is quite cooling with many fans. With our 2 barley drinks, bill is less than S$30. They dont accept credit cards, only cash and nets. It's located at Bt Timah that stretch of foodstalls just opposite Beauty World. Currently some reno going on there as the stretch is kinda covered up. But no worries, the stretch of food stalls are in operation. There's a open space carpark beside it and is the 1st stall when you walk from the carpark. 

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