Sunday, March 17, 2013

Review of movie: Warm Bodies

Movie title: Warm Bodies
Ratings: 3.8/5
Comments: It's kinda funny! Started off kinda slowly and got better. Generally I think girls will enjoy this show more than the guys because the zombie, R, is so cute in the show. Haha~ However, it's not like the kind of suspense and thrilling zombie shows like Resident Evil. It's sweet, pure, young love. =)

Most of the time, I prefer to catch movies with dearie in town because I feel......maybe there are more younger crowd in town theaters there is more sense of humor within the theater and more people laugh with you. It's infectious and somehow make every movie more interesting. Frankly speaking, sometimes we're super lazy to purposely travel to town too. But because neighbourhood theaters' latest slots always stop at 9+pm, sometimes we cant catch in time.

SO I'm super happy now that Cathay has taken over Eng Wah at Westmall(the aunties who tear the tickets were super rude!) and now they have late night slots at 11+pm EVERYDAY!! Hooray to Westerners and Northerners night owls!!! Not to mention Cathay has the cheapest tickets(with credit card discounts) among all the other cinemas. The difference can be like S$3 for a pair and for couples like us who can watch 2-3 movies in a week, 10 movies will be like S$30.

Initially I was kinda worried there is no crowd(no fun catching movie with another 2 people only). But was quite surprised it was quite crowded when we caught our last last movie, "Ghost Child." It was like half full on a weekday 11+pm slot. Pretty thankful that we dont have to leave the theater in few numbers....the last 10minutes kinda scary. =P


  1. Good review Kaori. Overall, this is a good movie with the zombie and romance element not backfiring on them and tells a compelling story with a good chance of them doing it well.

  2. Yeah quite a unique zombie story. However, they didnt really explain why and how the zombies are unable to turn back humans.