Thursday, March 7, 2013

Olio Dome @ Lido - Great Lamb Racks

Ever since the first time I tried the delicious lamb rack at Jess's ROM lunch, held at Raffles Town Club, The Dining Room, I began to actively seek out lamb racks, which sadly, not many restaurants serve them on their menus. I love these lamb racks from Olio Dome. They have a very crunchy exterior with well-marinated meat well cooked to perfection. Meat is tender and the smell of lamb is very minimal, almost non-existent. It comes with brown sauce together with some signature mint jelly. Even dearie, who is not really into lamb racks, love it. Sometimes, in mid-day, we can be informed that the lamb racks were sold out. The ambiance, however sucks. It's super uncomfortable in the small and cramped cafe. Even so, I highly recommend you to try it even if you have never try lamb racks before. It's also quite 1 of the cheapest lamb racks around, below S$20. You cant find it anywhere else.

The chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice-cream is not really out of the world if you're fussy with your desserts but is a refreshing treat after the mains. And it's so cheap, around S$6 I guess.

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