Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Movie review: Snitch & Helter Skelter

Movie title: Snitch
Ratings: 4/5
Comments: It's quite thrilling and is actually a touching show where the father moves heaven and earth just to save his child. However, it's funny that in almost all the touching scenes, Johnson's eyes were as dry as a dessert. Lol. I wonder if he has any kids of his own. I think everyone in the movie acts better than him. Lol. Still a nice show though.

Movie title: Helter Skelter (R21)
Ratings: 3/5
Comments: The production designer(美术指导) of the show was awesome! Whoever he or she is, worked perfectly together with the special/visual effects manager and brought out the the brilliance and myriad enchanting sensual pleasure. The settings of every scene was so beautiful and the dream of every girl.....fur, mink, pink, pearls, blingbling, ribbons, leopard prints etc. And the female lead acted real well. But the plot is very weak so we did see many people leaving halfway through the show. Some loud and angry music used during the show was kinda hard to bear and I guess most Singaporeans cant really accept some of the the very.....ahh.....kinky scenes. But well, it's just a show. Some parts were kinda funny to me and I giggled like a school girl. Oh well, I'm just so innocent. Wahahahaha!

Still, I think this is one show which you should catch, because it's like nothing you ever watch before. Eye-opener. HAHA!

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