Friday, March 15, 2013

Review of 搵到食 @ 126 Sims Avenue

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Yesterday, dearie brought me for supper. I'm a dimsum lover and it has been ages since I wanna try out 搵到食 a 24hours dimsum hawker at 126 Sims Avenue(near geylang). The shop name 搵到食(cantonese) sounds like the address itself in English; 126. Cute.

The place itself was very crowded and thus cramped...located next to the road and drains... Just heed my advice...keep your head up.... I looked down once and saw 2 cockroaches roaming about. Kinda doused my appetite. Carpark lots were scarce too and we parked pretty far; 10minutes walk. To me 10minutes is far okie. =P

(Clockwise) Prawn Chee Cheong Fan/fried prawn roll/
Sugar Cane w/lemon/Scallop porridge/fried chicken wings

Well, if you're comparing with Crystal Jade or Asian Grand Restaurant, the 2 giants who are famous for dimsum....then of course they're not comparable. But for the pricing, they're okay. I love the scallop porridge the most. Although not alot of flavour, the S$4.50 porridge was packed full of fresh scallop chunks. Dearie liked it very much. The fried prawn roll(S$4) is just a tad oily, so much so mayo dont even stay when I tried to dip it because it was just too oily. The prawn chee cheong fan(S$3.50) was a disappointment because I have much nicer ones elsewhere. The chicken wings was very weird. It was crispy on the outside and tender within. Smells fragrant too but there was also a stench coming from it. And no wonder. It's not until I reached the inside of the chicken wings then I realized it's bloody inside(near the bones). I do know some chicken wings tend to have little blood near the bones but it wasnt little. It was quite bloody. We're not super fussy with our food so we both finished everything, with only me leaving out the bloody parts.

The next morning, dearie suffered diarrhoea twice and stomach pain, much like the ones we experienced in BKK. "But it's milder." Dearie said. So he went to see the doctor and doctor said it's food poisoning. Sigh......poor honey. I'm cooking porridge for him tonight. it so difficult to have a proper and hygienic meal outside.......

Anyway, as a final verdict, apart from the bloody interior of the chicken wings, I will say 搵到食 is worth a visit if we're around the area or when everything else is not available. But it's not worth a special trip down from far...with the tough parking of cars etc.....zzz.

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