Sunday, January 12, 2014

Flying Bangkok.

Flying bangkok tonight. F.E.A.R.L.E.S.S! #ActuallyIgotNoChoice. Tell me you love me before it's too late.

Lol Kidding of course.


So many people are like that hor. They like people who like them, and they dislike people who dislike them, without considering whether that person is likeable or not.

I'm just not like that. I may like someone who dislike me(hardly happen though, because nowadays people seldom explicitly express their dislikes. Though usually people who dislikes me(even if I know it) have nothing whatsoever for me to admire......). Similarly, I can still dislike someone even if they like me. Because dont like means dont like. The reason I dont like them has nothing to do with whether they like me or not, it's just solely because of how they're like. For example, they might be selfish or lack in integrity or a frequent liar etc. 

That's how true I am.

No wonder my friend said I'm so "true to self".

Very very true. Lol.


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