Friday, January 31, 2014

Movie Review: The Lion Men, Part I

Movie: The Lion Men Part I
Ratings: 7.3/10
Comments: I really had high expectations of the movie after catching the trailer. Not to mention I thoroughly enjoyed Ah Boys to Men Part 1 and 2. But this......hmm.....I thought more emphasis are on the actions rather than the usual standard of crackling humor. So it's not as funny as I've expected....the actions are not bad though. The digital animations are considered commendable for an Asian production. It's a nice tribute to all the lion dance clubs. Not that I feel people dont respect them, but yeah I really feel they deserves a bigger share of respect.

I've always enjoyed lion dance performances but seldom get to see them. I'm most awed by performances on the 梅花庄。And call me old-fashioned, I prefer the traditional uniforms in red, the traditional fluffy lions, the traditional lion dance percussion music by drums etc rather the the new age ones in the movie. =D

And yes, I shall call them The Lion Men in future! =) 

Something's so wrong with Jack Neo's taste in women. Why the prettiest one is always not the main lead? So funny, during the movie, I whispered to dearie the prettiest girl was so-called the 3rd female lead(the 2nd one being the plump one). And after the movie ended, we caught the lift with a bunch of young guys, and they were lamenting on the same thing; that the prettiest girl is the one I mentioned. LOL. But really what can we expect....when Jack Neo's mistress...or ex-mistress....that "model" know...hahaha

And and....the so-called "bad guy" in the movie who had to perform the lion dance stunts on the 梅花庄(I'm talking about the very Lao Beng with the cocky and heow face, I meant no offence but in the show he's enacting such a role mah) and somehow the stuntman(替身)'s face was captured. Wah lau he looked much better than the actor, why dont ask him to act instead? Isnt that easier, no need 替身 mah. Haha.

Initially I thought Tosh(ex-sergeant in ABTM) will be the 1st male lead...but I think Weiliang(ex lobang king) has a heavier role. I thought he acted not bad. Chen Tianwen is so cute in the show. Lol

Will definitely watch Part II.


  1. Just curious, which female actor do you mean? Cynthia Kuang? Eunice Annabel?

    1. errrr....I dont know their names....anyway not important...not pinpointing anyone

  2. Hope to watch soon in Malaysia