Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lovely Eggs Benedict at Robert Timms & Movie Reviews: The Four 2

Had a wonderful meal at Robert Timms some time back.

The Eggs Benedict which I had was simply so memorable that I have to blog about it.

Basically I swept everything off my plate of Eggs Benedict except the toasted tomatoe; nothing wrong with it I supposed, but I'm not one who takes raw tomatoe unless they're in my sandwich. The eggs were perfect with their runny yolks, the hollandaise sauce was just nice without being bland or overly thick or diluted, the shaved ham spells oh-so-good without being overly salty like some, and what I really really love was that the toast was hot! It was crisp on the outside and soft within and when the runny yolk runs over it, together with the fragrant ham, I was in total sublimity. Service was pretty good too. Oh and I think the menu is really extensive with the range of desserts too. Too bad the huge portions of the mains made us too full to be able to try(the desserts). Forget about Antoinette or Wild Honey already. Antoinette served me a huge garbage fly before with horrible service then and after, and Wild Honey is simply too busy and lofty to care much about you when you're waving your hand. Not to mention their food doesnt taste half as good, more of being over-hyped and over-priced too.

On the other hand, dearie said his sea bass was kinda bland. Mummy said her fish and chips is good with too big a portion that she cant finish.

Sometimes, I really wonder people care more about the quality of the food or care more about the prestige which is tagged to the restaurant. Maybe different people have different palettes, yeap, but people like these do exists(I'm not saying you are, I'm saying there are people like that). Like they feel it's extremely ATAS to go Antoinette or Wild Honey to have brunch. You know~ Or Les Amis or Brasserie Les Saveurs at St Regis for dinner. And then they raved about the restaurants like it was really out of the world and then finished with "Oh you really need to try!!" Like...........really? Are they simply making the point to illustrate the fact that they patronized before OR do they really like the food? Like so what? ....I've tried all of them before and they are really not impressive in terms of the execution of the food. The only impressive thing is the price~ Other than the posh environment...*shrugged*....there is nothing much memorable. I did remember the service at Brasserie Les Saveurs for our Vday dinner in 2012 was okay lah(slightly better than normal restaurants loh). But Les Amis was downright rude when we had our 3rd wedding anniversary dinner there.

Hmm.....I think service at Itacho Sushi is simply the best(of late)....they can be so busy and a little slow in their service yes....but for the past 2 visits, me and my friends stayed till really late after our meals to bitch. It was already near 10+pm and we had also footed our bills, and the kind waitresses still continue to replenish our green tea like there is no tomorrow. I've lost count of the times because we really talked ALOT and drank ALOT(thirsty mah...hee)....though of course I thanked the servers prettily each and every time. I wished to let them know I really appreciate their initiative. We didnt even need to prompt them to refill. *Thumbs up*

Movie title: The Four II
Ratings: 4/5
Comments: I think the digital effects were all pretty nice and pleasing to the eyes. The story was okie too. But of course expect another part 3. I thought part 2 was not bad as compared to part 1 but dearie felt part 1 was better. But seriously the female lead Liu Yi Fei cant act at all. OMG, when she was acting the part where she recalled how her whole family was massacred and both feet broken by her enemies, there's simply no tears in her eyes. *Faint* Thank god for her sweet face and demeanor else I really...zzzz.....

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