Thursday, January 9, 2014

MAPS android app

I love this MAPS android app to bits. Got to know about this after Lin highly recommended it on her blog(efatrie under Links).

This is extremely useful when you need directions. We usually use it for driving though there are also options for buses and/or walking.

What is amazing is that the navigations are directed by voice! A very professional voice which doesnt comes with weird slangs. You dont need your eyes or attention on the phone or map at all. So it's safe. Well, you can of course glance once in a while to see how far are you away from your destination. And the timing and accuracy of the voice directions is very precise. You'll know what I mean after you try it out. Always on your GPS for accurate location. So far it never fails us. It directs you until you reach your destination.

Who needs a GPRS(car device) now?

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