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Movie Reivews: The legend of Hercules / Jack Ryan: the shadow recruit

Dearie just...somehow..."coerced" me into finishing 2 youtube videos featuring a couple of baby pandas playing for as long as 30minutes. No...actually it was like less than 10minutes but it actually felt that long. I was simply dumbstruck. He's usually not like that; he's more into funny talk shows like those by Kumar, David Letterman, Ellen Degeneres or some crappy comedians with weird slangs or else awesome vocals or magic shows in America's got talent. I think he's developing paternal instinct. I almost fainted when he went on to watch another video about some tiger chasing around a dog like the best of friends etc. Hmm..........

Anyway, these movie reviews are late because I got pretty sick the last few weeks. Currently on my 3rd course of antibiotics for my sorethroat and finally I'm able to speak like a female. And did I mention I was/am having this inhumane diet consisting of beehoon soup, fish slice soup, udon soup, whatever-soup etc without any fried, oily or spicy food for like a MONTH every since my operation of the removal of my gallbladder?! OMG it's god's love that I didnt go crazy! Anyway I couldnt bear it any longer just now and I ate Korean Char-grilled Chicken at BBQ Chicken and it was so nice! *wipes tears with hanky*

The chicken was marinated well and I love the fragrance of the spices and how tender the meat was. Although it was accompanied with no sauce, it was juicy without being dry nor oily. Thumbs up! However, the 2 sides I chose were disappointing. The mash wasnt smooth and were very dry without any sauce(I did asked but they said they dont serve any sauce for mash potato. *Dumb struck*) And the calamari wasnt fried well because it was SOAKING with oil and had a very soggy exterior. It was easy to bite though, not rubbery. The salad comes with thousand island sauce and was fine.

Yeah as expected I had a bad diarrhoea and slight tummy pain when I reached home. =( Sigh...oh well........but I'm fine after some rest.

Some movie reviews which came late.

Movie: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
Ratings: 7/10
Comments: Started off better towards the end. But really, I was expecting more intrigue, actions, thrills as per fitting a undercover movie? You know we Asians have watched so many undercover movies produced by HK and our standards were set pretty darn yep.....a let down if you compare with HK undercover movies.

Movie: The Legend of Hercules
Ratings: 7/10
Comments: We actually didnt intend to watch this movie after watching the trailer....(I thought this Hercules wasnt as aesthetically pleasing as Kevin Sorbo, the Hercules in my childhood dreams, as in the television series, Hercules the legendary journey  :P I only watched a few episodes though, but they were wonderful and funny with many beauties heh). BUT we did catch the movie anyway because of some wonderful reviews at, saying that there wasnt a boring moment. And yes, I can kind of conclude there werent much of a moment where you'll fall asleep. That's because there were too many incredulous moments which knitted my eyebrows as the whole story was in complete opposite as what was being passed down in well...historical myths. 

And when a movie is titled, "The Legend of Hercules", naturally, you'll expect they make it right! Firstly, I was stunned by a pitiful and benevolent-looking Hera.............Can you even imagine Hera being given an image like a Chinese Guan Yin kind of god? Hell no, Hera was rumoured to be a green-eyed monster who constantly got jealous over his husband, Zeus's affairs. And it's almost her wish to kill all his flings, including his off-springs, ESPECIALLY Hercules because he was being born so strong and smart as well; He wasnt as giddily love-sick as being portrayed in the movie and he showed his wit when he cleaned the Augean stables in just 1 day(by breaking the dam of a river or something, dont quite remember), which was a task he was set to do among the 12 he was ordered. That's why I almost fell off my chair when Hera said she will benevolently grant Alcmene a privilege to sire a son of Zeus, the King of gods, to change the fate of kingdom.

WAHAHAHAHAHA!! That's like the joke of the year!! Hera allowing her hubby to bed another woman??? It doesnt even sound logical. But the funny thing is, I seems to be the only one feeling incredulous in my seat. Apparently not many people read Greek mythology. Zzzzzzz. And there comes the amusing part where the invisible Zeus somehow consummated with Alcmene (Mo ming qi miao) and dah-danggggg, Hercules was born. And it was all very.......ridiculous and amusing. The part where Hera spoke gently and softly to Hercules warning him of the dangers.... Lol's more convincing when it would be like...ahh...while she was talking to Hercules, she whipped up her dagger to stab him in the heart. Yup that's right, Hera hates Hercules that much because he's the strongest man(ok, like half-man, a demi-god to be exact) to be born! He can strangle serpents to death when he was a baby and there in the show he was depicted to be a mere mortal with no amazing strength(before he called out to Zeus) And the part about the Nemean Lion was added to the script in poor taste....when we know it's the first of the 12 tasks which Hercules was being set out to accomplish....

All in all, I really never expect such a ...out turn of the plot...I guess usually people prefer plots as close as to the originals or what has been passed down. It's ok to edit here and there but it's just...ridiculous when the plot was written in a complete and absurd version. 

Alright, if you're not so much into the originality of the myth...then well it's actions and digital effects werent too bad. 

Why? It would be 10 times more interesting to produce a movie on how Hercules cleared his 12 labours!

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