Thursday, January 9, 2014

New blog skin and OOTD

How are you loving my new blogskin? I love it myself, sorry if you dont. =P
Actually I didnt change much. Merely the background and some font styles. LOL.

So previously I shared a picture of my DIY dye here.

It's really a random picture taken in Dec, taken so randomly. But few of my friends were raving it because the colour really showed up, quite nicely in their opinions. For a DIY job, without bleaching, it does surprise some people. If you're curious, I used this, La Riché, in colour Rose Red, and I bought from Qoo10. It's around S$15 and I only used a little to dye that partial amount. Note# My hair is light so the colour showed up. You may need to bleach if your hair is dark in order for the colour to show.

It was a messy affair. It stains everythingggg, from the table to the basin to the floor of the toilet. Basically I turned my toilet pink...and had to scrub the toilet after the DIY. Horrible. So please prepare newspaper/plastics coverlets/golves etc. Best to use aluminium foil for highlighting hair(wrap it up). Dont say I didnt warn you! The dye is semi-permanent and will fade off after sometime, depending on what kind of shampoo you use. 

My colours are gone now, thanks to the idiots at Jean Yip who didnt use a colour-protecting shampoo for me during a wash and blow. I was so mad, it stripped off my colour in just 1 wash when previously it was all good for few weeks or so. 

The funny thing is, Von did the same thing(dying only the lower bottom of the hair), almost the same colour(hers is more red, mine is nearer to purple) but at a salon for S$175. And she was like jokingly being "unhappy" about it. I know she's kidding of course and she doesnt really mind that I did the same thing. I'm super super terrified of friends who outrightly say they wont mind you have the same hair colour or makeup or a clothing as them, but was secretly fuming about it. *shivers* I'm just glad she's not like that.

The thing is, I wasnt really copying Von although it does looks like I did it AFTER she did hers. Because I bought the DIY Dye way back in Oct when I bought my pink extensions from Qoo10 for Halloween. I intended to DIY dye in Dec during the holiday season after I unofficially "stop work". I didnt announce it to the world, but somehow great minds think alike and Von did hers too in Dec, slightly earlier before I DIY myself.

I think...usually I do know my friends well. Naturally if I know she mind then I wont do it even though I've bought the dye. Because other than shades of red, I also bought some other colours. :P

And Von asked me for a full pic of my hair in our group chat because the random pic only covered partially. And so I just quickly snapped a pic before I went out that day.

And my gf said, "Why you showing your breasts??"

I was like, "WHAT?? I'm just showing my hair. Zzzz"  It's not as if there are guys in the group chat anyway. Zzzz.....nahZ. If I was younger, I will probably just post the original pic here without words dotted across my chest. But somehow, I have to admit, dont know why...but I care about what people say about me nowadays. Even a colleague commented to me I've changed....

Anyway, if you've followed my blog'll know I seldom take pictures unless I'm with my friends for a special occasion, like a birthday or anniversary etc. I'm hardly one who always take pictures of myself unless I feel like sharing my OOTD of the day...or some interesting stuff. Seriously, I really dont think SO much. I'm really afraid of girls who think too much. Seriously, if I'm flat chested, then probably nobody will say anything. But just because I'm not, then people thinks I'm trying to show. Like....seriously, I dont see the big deal about those 2 piece of meat which defies gravity all the time. 

I do admit I love to doll up myself and try to hide my flaws by shifting attention to my good points instead. If you think this is vain, then well I am vain, I have no shame. I wear bikinis on the beach, I wont step out of the house until I'm satisfied with how I look. But I'm in NO WAY trying to SHOW anything. It's funny how people assume you're trying to show or boast anything by the way you dress.

There's a difference in trying to SHOW anything VS loving to play dress up and feel good about myself. 

What's wrong with making the best of what you have AND what you DONT have? 

I'm just a very normal plain jane who make the best of who I am. I'm not proud(have nothing whatsoever to be proud of) nor am I humble of myself because I'm just born this way. And it's not as if I steal my hubby's mum's savings to doll up myself, so seriously, I have nothing to be ashamed of, no matter how displeasing I may look to anyone~ Sharing OOTD also doesnt mean I think I look good; I merely meant I LOVE the things I bought and wore, and just sharing them as I feel people may like them too. 

I compliment other girls all the time so long so their makeup, hairdo, attire was great and appropriate to the occasion. Sometimes I really wonder why some girls, can be pretty, yet be so narrow-minded and small-hearted(I assume the opposite for big-hearted. Haha). You'll hear them criticizing about other females ALL THE TIME, even strangers. I mean it's human nature for one to pass some negative comments now and then, but seriously, not ALL THE TIME.

Try to speak good instead of bad. If you have nothing positive to say, well, then just hold your tongue. If you realized you always find negative things to say about people and only speak positive of yourself, the point is, you may not have many friends. 

Here's an OOTD taken some time back. I love all the items.

 This mini beret hair band is from Tailsman and I LOVE it so much. Firstly, it's like a little accessory but not too exaggerating in Singapore. Singaporeans are too dressed down so I'm woefully terrified of the stares which berets/beanies bring. Anyway, they're also too warm for me in Singapore.

I thought the red is perfect for Xmas(but end up I didnt really celebrate Xmas). What is SO GREAT about this is that it hides ugly un-touchedup hair roots, and also my sparse hair-parting; I'm being losing so much hair due to stress. =( And it's very cooling and comfortable to wear because it's just a mini cap on the head; real berets and caps might be stuffy and hot for me in Singapore. They comes in different materials and colours and I actually bought 3. It's around S$13 for 1. They're super great for bad hair days when your hair is flat or oily. Just plop 1 on top of your head and you'll look decent.

The blue and white checkerz top is from Fareast Plaza at S$15 and I love it because it's very flatting. Although it seems that it's so stingy on the amount of material, tt slims down the arms and waist, and accentuates your chest. I dont really like the last part, but oh well, I think it simply looks adorable without being "over".

The cream white crochet shorts is my absolute favorite and I wish I have more of it because not only are they flattering, they pair with so many different tops, and can also be under long tunics. They're airy and not warm too. Bought from Bugis Village at only S$10. I also bought a salmon pink one sometime back too. Love itttttt.

Okie lastly, pictures were being edited at BeautyPlus, a web-based editing site. Simply great. I love the effects. =)

Sharing this song which I'm loving currently. PLEASE listen till the END! It's so amazing......

Thanks for reading

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