Thursday, January 30, 2014

Grace & Leonard Wedding Lunch at St Regis

It's dear Grace wedding!!! So happy for her!! She was laughing while saying, "Like finally right, lol". Really, aiyo....... The most important thing is for her to find the perfect and most suitable partner, it doesnt matter when you get married, it only matters how long your marriage lasts! =D 

The wedding lunch banquet was being held at St Regis and it's my 1st time to attend a wedding banquet there. The settings were simply magical and whimsical, like a dream come true. Grace looked especially lovely and I love her wedding albums as well as all her framed pictures. So much so that I took pictures of them. Why, she looks like a little tranquil angel! Wishing her a very blessed marriage forever ever after. =D

These pictures are taken with my note 2 so their quality werent fantastic, I meant to take my camera but as usual, forgotten about it as I rushed out for the lunch. 

She had 2 albums, one taken in Singapore and one in Taiwan. This pic was taken in Taiwan I think. Lovely isnt it? Well, gorgeous people looks good in whatever setting!

Peking duck appetizers reception with the chef

Yummy yummy with real duck meat and not overly saltish sauce. I had 6. Opps!

Somehow I feel the items belonged to Grace, her signature Rilakkuma. Lol. 

The guestbook was on the table as well. Aiyo, I almost broke my back and expose my cute derrière while writing it. Me, with my high heels, almost for the 1st time in my life, finds a table too low for writing. Lol. 

Spells opulence and grandeur

Actually there were 2 singers performing for the guests, with the female singer being the pianist. They performed quite a few different languages and were very pleasing to the ears.

Wedding favors are chocolates

=D~~~~~~~~~~~ Dessert buffet???!!! *SCREAMS*

The pretty bride and the handsome groom!!!

Great shot from my camera isnt it? But I think it's the spotlight that makes all the shots look stunning at this moment.

All the dishes were served individually and we literally felt like queens in our seats. The dishes simply ranged from good to wonderful. I enjoyed every single dish, especially the cod fish and the pork chop with the fried bun. Definitely dont mind a double serving. HAHA. The dishes were like fusion maybe. Oh instead, I forgot to take pictures of the desserts, consisting macaroons, cakes, chocolates, tiramisu, and the mago sago(pictured). Some cakes were finished before we had chance to take them.... =( I dont think they replenished the dessert buffet spread.......

2nd march in in her pink gown. Sweetness to the max!

Pretty toilet. Hahaha! Got lotions too~

With the pretty pride.
Ahhhh.......I really wont trust another guy with a camera anymore. The picture is blurred.

 Even more blur. Arrgghhhh! Yes I did told him to take 2 shots, but the other one was beyond redemption. Zzzz....

Thanks for having me. Happy to be there to witness your marital unison. =D

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