Sunday, January 5, 2014

Movie Reviews: As the light goes out/Police Story 2013/The Secret Life of Walter Mitty/47 Ronin

Movie: As the light goes out
Ratings: 4.2/5
Comments: Not bad! Not the usual director Benny Chan, not quite the same style. But still entertaining and hot thrills here and there. Not much of acting by all the casts, which is kinda weird because Nic and Simon are one of the best actors I've seen. But the plot is much better and realistic and not full of loop holes like the last firefighter show, Inferno(逃出生天). 

Movie: Police Story 2013
Ratings: 2.5/5
Comments: A disappointment. It's not of Jackie's usual standards, especially for his Policy Story sequels. The plot is so boring that I slept through half way. I've watched so many of his movies, from as old as A计划 etc (most of them dont remember the titles but remember the movies), and this is by far the least impressive. Jackie's shows have always been a "must watch" in my list, but at the end of this movie I then realized the director/producer/script-writer is from China and not a well-known one. And ONE more thing, the WHOLE movie is dubbed by mainland chinese except for Jackie's voice. I heard the term "靠谱"儿 at least 20 f-ing times in the show that I almost burst into flames.

Watch it if you love mainland chinese slang. 

It's really bizarre that Jackie allows such sub-standard and someone like a newbie to direct the 6th to this popular sequel. 

Movie: The secret life of Walter Mitty
Ratings: 1/5
Comments: It's really not my style...not my kind of movie. It's almost like documentary, bores me to death. But dearie likes the scenery and background music. 

Movie title: 47 Ronin
Ratings: 3.2/5
Comments: Maybe my expectations were too high.....hmm...the only thing I enjoyed was the digital effects. I was expecting more into the Japanese Culture of Ronin and Samurais, more into black magic, more into war politics and love..........but my cravings werent satisfied. The ending was a let down too. 


  1. Just finished watching atlgo yesterday and I find it has more events and scene than inferno. I agree and I think that it is slightly better than inferno because of the creativity work shown in fire tackling. As for the digital presentation, the graphic is not realistic at all. Eg. When the big piece of chunk fell off the ventilation and crush on sam, I cant see and feel the body getting physical hit from the heavy metal. The body just stand straight as the false image slide down from head to feet.
    One more thing regarding the actors facial look, except for sam, mainland guy, all the firemen have the same faces wothout the helmet worn. Just look at the scene where the group photo was taken. Dang I couldnt tell who is who in the whole firefighting scene with the helmet on except for these two decisive guys.

    Police story trailer sucks and downgraded the movie itself because there is no single word spoken in the trailer. Except for all the shouting and screaming...I was expecting this movie to be poorly done and decided not to watch it at know some typical asian movies that will bore the audience cause of the long silence and boring speech. Remember the scene of the bartender saying this... life is like drinking wine and so on...he repeat the exact same word again inside the ring...I heard it one time enough and will be bored instantly if he has no other thing to say.
    The quarrel scene about daddy discouraging kids on dating dangerous outsider is common that is fine. But the speech is so much expected and too little in content and takes too long. Like I could forward it and make no difference if I watch the part or not. Nvm I finally watched it because of Jackie Chan...what was I thinking...hong kong superstar starring in amateur movie?

    Slowm is an interesting movie. Unlike china made movie, western movies has lots of new ideas and humorous dialogs that make people laugh and mind stimulating. Whereas china based movies are mostly relying on funny self body posing and funny facial look to make people laugh...sorry not laugh but to hold onto the laughter in the mouth...then explode by making loud laugh head off for as long as it takes to calm down...ten seconds per once I estimate...sorry but that is difference in good and poor movie quality.

    47ronin interracial movie...hmm

    1. Haha...sounds like you're more of a action movie kind of person...Well..I'm something like that too, although I will love action movies which also have some funny and touching parts; that's what make a movie so wholesome.

      I'm so with you for most of your views. I think I fell asleep during the long convo between Jackie and the bad guy. Zzz

      I get what you mean about the difference between Asian comedies and Western comedies....but I do appreciate both if they're done properly. If you haven watch "The Ugly Truth" then go catch it. =)

      SLOWM is movie with heart put into it. I dont mean it's of poor quality, but just that the style of the directing and the plot doesnt really capture my interest. It's the same thing as you cant force a horror movie lover to enjoy a documentary. Though in the first place, I caught the flick because my hubby wanted it. Oh well~