Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New hair colour and highlights for the New Year!

Few days ago, I dyed, highlighted, and chopped off 3inches of my hair. That's QUITE alot. Erm, I also dont quite know how to describe this colour, ashy matt copper brown? With reddish pink highlights. I was told the highlights will slowly fade to baby pink and then into the same colour of my base...which might be alittleeee golden under the sunlight. Hopefully my clients can accept.....after's just a hair colour! I'm still who I am you know... =)

Clair insisted on curling for me despite I said there's no need....because she said the curls will be nicer..... So funny...then I head home with this hair. Haha. The next day was Ah Boo's wedding though. 

Now you know how short it really is. Anyway, I'm still glad the hair looks healthier now, after the spoilt ends were chopped off.... And to be very frank....I really loveeee the subtle highlights. It's still obvious there's a highlight job but not the kind who will make people "wahhhhh" at 1st sight. I think they look nice even when they're not curled. Highlights like these really makes straight hairso much more interesting. And I feel this hair length looks nice when only the ends were curled a demure look. Haha. Previously I DIY but those colours were semi-perm, but this time round it's (kinda) permanent. 

But I worry...the base might get more and more golden with more washes.... oh well

S$100 for dye, highlight and cut, oh...including wash, blow, style(in a way). =D

Ahhhhh.............I have so many pictures which I haven blogged about. 2 weddings and a staycation...some shopping stuff etc....Oh...and should I do my Dec 2013 favorites....Lol


  1. You look good with curls! Could you share where you bought your lace tee? It's very nice!

    1. Thanks for your kind words dear,,,,, It's from H&M. =)