Friday, August 16, 2013

Alldealsasia's response when product dont match picture

So my issue was addressed here, In short, I ordered 3 difference size of pouches from alldealsasia(ADA), merchant being Voxxus Marketing located at 10 Anson Road #10-11. 

And I complained to ADA because 1 of the pouch totally dont match what was in the picture.

I ordered this.

REDEEM NOW! Authentic 3 Piece Chanel Makeup Storage Pouch (Worth $288). Courier Delivery to your Doorstep.

But I got this instead.


I'm clearly annoyed that the biggest pouch is so ugly. So I emailed ADA about it on 10th JULY. I waited 6 days for a reply but I received none. Irritated, I replied with a "HEY I WANT A REPLY!!! Or I'm going to STOMP IT!" And immediately, on the SAME DAY 16th JULY, I received their reply;

Hi Fion,

Thank you for your feedback and our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.

We have already forwarded the issue to the merchant and are currently awaiting for their response.
Rest assured that we will revert to you once they respond.

Thank you for your patience.

Kind Regards,

All Deals Asia Pte Ltd
119 Jalan Sultan
Singapore 199008

And it wasnt until 23rd JULY that they gave me a more informative reply;

"Dear Fion,

We understand your frustration and we are equally disappointed with the merchant's act. Believe us, we are fighting your case with the merchant now. 

Please give us a few more days to follow up with merchant to give you a resolution.

Kind regards,


And finally on the 1st AUG;

Hi Fion,

Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience you were caused and for the delay as we have to confirm this with our merchant. 

We are so sorry Ms. Fion Lim for the length of time and trouble that the product have caused you. We have talked to the merchant and pointed out their advertisement's flaws. Thank you for your patience and for calling our attention. Kindly send the item via registered mail to 119 Jalan Sultan (S) 199008.

Also, please email us your receipt so we can process your refund. Upon the receipt of the item, we will send a confirmation and the money will be sent to your account within 24 hours.

Ms. Fion Lim we really value your comments as well as your recommendations. We really like to gain back your confidence in All Deals Asia, so please accept our apologise and as a token we would like to offer any of our current deals worth $20 (inclusive of courier delivery fee). you can also transfer your purchased to any current deal and include the additional $20 of top-up for the final deal purchase.

We value you feedback and it greatly help us to shape the future of our services and we also hope you will not let this unfortunate incident overshadow your impression of All Deals Asia and that you give us the pleasure to assist you once more and offer you the pleasant overall experience which you were looking for the first time.

Best regards,

All Deals Asia Pte Ltd
119 Jalan Sultan
Singapore 199008


So I've just replied them.

Yes this has indeed taken too long a time. I'm extremely busy in AUG with work. Also, my mum is hospitalized since 6th AUG till now. So I really have no time to go to the post office. I hope you can understand as consumers, what we want is very clear-cut; we just want WHAT was being PICTURED as per the deal. I thank your team for liaising with Voxxus Marketing on my behalf and I do appreciate the offer of the S$20 credits or something. I understand the entire fault lies with Voxxus Marketing. However, from this troublesome incident it goes to show one point, that ADA is extremely helpless when the merchant ships items entirely not true to picture or ships wrong items. This can really pose as a additional consideration if I have to consider purchasing another tangible product deal from ADA in future. 

If only you can hear me out on my SUGGESTIONS.

I'm guessing that ADA paid out a percentage of the proceeds right after the delivery of the item? Perhaps ADA can consider to only pay out proceeds at least 1 month after the item was delivered? So that if customers receive defected or wrong products, the merchant can/must take necessary action to replace or refund before ADA transfer them their proceeds. I think there's a need to review your contract signed with your merchants; merchants should have the duty to replace or refund wrong/defected products or else subjected to the right of not receiving proceeds for that particular sale. ADA should exercise more power. Ask your lawyer~ This is only FAIR to your customers. Even Groupon promises to refund the full deal price if there is anything dis-satisfactory.

ADA should also STATE the NAME of the MERCHANT with their full address so that they will be more accountable and responsible when their reputation is at stake.  

As for your customer service, I only receive a reply after I threatened to stomp this issue. This made me very disgusted. As much as I appreciate the offer of S$20 credits, I'm still disappointed with how this matter was being handled. As I mentioned, customers shouldnt need to bear the responsibility, trouble nor cost to mail back the item when the fault lies with the merchant. However, I do see you've tried your best so I wont stomp this. 

I do hope ADA can have some improvements.......until then.......we'll see. 


What I'm trying to convey is very clear here. I believe I have very smart readers. Leave it to you all to judge~


  1. Exactly the same problem. Accepted a mismatched product but regretted it as the product I received turned out to be faulty!. Asked for replacement but they refused to replace product unless I bear all charges involved such as courier, etc. Threatened to go public but apparently they are used to it as they have not replied to me and it has already been a month since I last filed the complaint. This is not first time this has happened. In the previous instance, I gave them the benefit of doubt. A repeat definitely raises question on this merchant's integrity. Not surprised that there are similar cases. Maybe we should get all victims together and initiate a class action so there they will not be able to victimize any more people.

    1. Hope your product wasnt too expensive for this lesson learnt! Me too, have decided to stick to service-related or food-related deals as I still have credits there.

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    1. Hi Bill
      Thanks for your feedback! is no better too.
      The thing is, sometimes we wont know the products being advertised is from this merchant unless it was being mailed to us(from the return address stated).