Monday, August 12, 2013

Sick on a monday, the worse it can get

It has been quite a long since I met yet another unreasonable woman. My family clinic was closed and I had no choice to see another. Entered a very packed clinic to see a bunch of people(somewhat in a line) crowding the counter so I walked over with that woman close BEHIND me. I intended to ask the last guy was he in the queue (for registration) because he was neither near nor far from the crowd.

While asking, the unreasonable woman sprinted forward infront of me and tried to jump my queue. But there were simply few other people who were further infront, so she hurried to the front of the counter from the other opposite side, probably intending to jump to the 1st in queue. *Rollz disgusted eyes* So I queued behind the guy and upon realizing they were addressing the queue in my right of direction, she then plopped over to my side, outrightly stood infront of me again to jump my queue. Im so fcuking annoyed. And shamelessly held out my IC for registration the same time she did.

The staff took my IC but still politely asked who came first. I bluntly said, "I came first" even when I was clearly behind her. I DID CAME FIRST WHAT!!! It was a full 5seconds before she spoke, "You came first?? I'm standing right before you! I came first!" I then said calmly, "No, I entered the clinic before you and eventually you sprinted to stand infront of me and jumped my queue." She then waved her hand repeatedly, as if dismissing me, with another hand holding on to her forehead, looking really sick.

I finally got a good look at her. She did looked very sick. Sigh. I then said, "I did came first but its okay I can let you go first since you look very sick." Then I told the nurse, "Nevermind let her go first." However, she repeatedly waved her hand at us, as if implying "dont bother" or "save it" or "fcuk off" of which the last would be the highest possible.

Whatever~ I just cant stand people who jumped queue. If she had politely asked me if she can go first, I'll definitely let her.

Last week had really taken a toil on me. The rushing to and fro from the hospital. Can be as early as 10am and can be as late as 12midnight. Coupled with my birthday celebrations with dearie (I just dont wish to coop up indoors for such lovely public holidays despite being kinda fatigued), I'm really really exhausted. Fever, sorethroat, cough and the most horrible running nose with insistent sneezing just reduced me to a pitiful state.

I know monday blues are common. 
Employees taking MC's for mondays are common. 
Employees making full use of their 14days MC leaves are common. 

But really, Mondays tend to be the most crowded for clinics because most clinics are closed during weekends(like my family doctor) and those which are open charge crazily expensive and not all seems competent (I still trust my family doctor best). Why? Because, doctors who are mostly competent open their own clinics. Mostly are sole-proprietorships. And only those who are really competent can survive with their regular customers. So imagine he has to work 7 days a week? Of course that wouldnt be possible. So usually they work mon-fri and sometimes half day on sat mornings. For some clinics, they will employ free lance doctors to replace them on weekends. But most simply closed on weekends. 

Free lance are kinda like part-time. When the clinics need to pay more for these free-lance doctors to work on weekends, naturally the charges will be more expensive, to cover the costs. And most of these free-lance doctors are not very competent, because they merely work part-time. Most of the commercial clinics like Raffles Medical and Shenton have their group of doctors who probably work on a rotating basis, but naturally being commercialized, their charges are steeper as compared to "home" doctors. Of course there are part-time doctors who are great, but so far I didnt meet any. The free lance ones whom I met on weekends, ALL SUCK. 

So it means, most sick people like me, who werent super duper sick but still needs doctor's antibiotics, will endure with some medicine available at home on the Saturday or Sunday which they fell sick, and then eventually seeing the doctor on monday. Mine actually started on Saturday. So there you go, Monday have patients sick on both Saturday and Sundays, as well as healthy people suffering Monday Blues, yearning to get MCs.

Be glad that you're healthy and feeling great on a monday. Why spend hours queuing with sick people with all kinds of virus just so you dont need to go work? If you contract some virus this way, then it's super not worth it. Dont like your job? Find another one. If you're young and has time, try something which you've always wanted to try. Like air stewardess or model maybe? You're only young once. Once you get older, there are many things which you need to do just because you have more responsibilities. 

Only 10% of people love their jobs so you are not alone! I was an employee before and I know it too well. Have laughs with your colleagues as you all do shitty work caused by others, pull through the difficult accounting times together at month end, gossip heartily about your lousy demanding boss or dreamily lament about your SO. If you're not a self-employed like me(each doing own stuff), then colleagues are very important. You need to have allies, baby. :) 

A friend used to discuss with me about, would you prefer to have a job that pays well but with a job scope which you dont like, OR a job that pays badly but is a job which you love? Assuming both have the same number of working hours, like the usual 8hours 5day week. She was in a good-paying job then but was in a dilemma about changing to a job which pays lesser but one which she thinks she will enjoy more.

I was like...maybe around 24 years old then. And I said, go with the job that pays well. Because you only need to spend, say, 8 hours doing the things you dont like. Thereafter, you can spend the REST OF THE DAY as well as your WEEKENDS doing the things you LOVE! Like shopping, manicures, pedicures, hair treatments, massages, chill-outs with friends, clubbing etc. All these need money. This is a realistic world. Once you reach the stage whereby you dont need to check out price tags or simply prices on a menu, I tell you, you will love the feeling. You can give your family more money, you can do more savings and you can retire earlier.

On the contrary, if you choose a job which you LOVE but doesnt pay well, then you only get to enjoy that 8hours of the day and spend the rest of the day lazing at home. It also means you have less money to give your family because you probably wont have enough to spend yourself. When you cant spend much, you cant go shopping, you cant do ALOT of things and it's also difficult to hang out with your friends(unless you love being a parasite huh~). That will be SO SAD. And I haven even touch on the subject of "peers pressure". 

Eventually she stayed with the job.

So just finish your work and then ENJOY. Life can be GREAT! 

Wishing you a great Monday devoid of blues!

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