Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Return of the DBS screw ups - Part II

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*Updated*: Called DBS and they said I opted for e-statements in July so my AUG statements were not out yet. They will only be out on coming thursday on the 14th. Then I said, "If so, then DBS should only email me reminders on the 13th or 14th what. Then you email me on the 6th AUG to log in to check FOR WHAT? The e-statement wasnt ready at all. 

Here's a screenshot. Everything I say is got prooooooffffff one. =P

"You know it's so troublesome when I see the email, log in and the e-statement is not there, and I have to go back and mark that email reminder as "Unread" SO THAT I can remind myself to log in AGAIN another time to check my e-statement, SO THAT I wont pay my bills late. And imagine me doing that everyday repeatedly from the 6th till 13th for 8 days straight and only get to see the e-statement on the 9th day of checking?"

Then the CS officer did the usuals....."I'm sorry bla bla...will feedback bla bla..."

Anyway, on the 14th, we'll see if the AUG statement will really be up. Hopefully it does. So far, no other email reminders other than this one on the 6th AUG. I do wish they send out email reminders immediately after the statements are ready, not earlier, not later.

I seriously dont understand such a SIMPLE thing also need to feedback. Wah lau eh!

Kinda reminds me of some funny conversation between dearie and me.

Dearie: Dear, later remind me to top up cash card okie?
Me: Ok! Dear, later you must remember to top up cash card okie? =)
Dearie: Zzzz.......I mean REMIND ME LATER.
Me: Orh. Heehee! Then can you remind me later to remind you to top up cash card? Hee!
Dearie: (=.=)''''''''''''''''''

Back into the car
Dearie: Shit! Forgot to top up cash card!
Me: Oh, Dear, you remember to top up cash card okie?
Dearie: Zzzzz......now no need you to remind liao lah! *get out of the car to go top-up*
Me: Wahahahaha!!

FYI, I did try to remember to remind him, but I'm just really forgetful!

What's the morale of this joke? Reminders at the WRONG timings are NOT REMINDERS AT ALL!

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