Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Review of African Mango PER-FIT Weight loss supplement (100% Natural & Vegetarian)

2 pills to be taken every morning with a glass of water before your breakfast. S$85 for 1 bottle of 60 capsules(1month).

The Loves: 
1)No need to wait some irritating and troublesome 30minutes or 1hour before your meal. Sometimes you just want to eat immediately already!

2)Only need to consume once per day, in the morning and that's it!

3) Easy to swallow

I've been taking this NOT-VERY-RELIGIOUSLY for 3 weeks. Alright...on some days I tend to forget. And below are the few things I noticed for this supposedly weight-loss supplement.

Firstly, it did somewhat suppress my appetite and makes me feel full most of the time. If you dont know me, I can tell you I eat suppers EVERYDAY. And on some nights, I can have MORE than 1 round of supper. I wont say I have great appetite always but I just need to munch food at say...between 11pm - 1am. And sometimes when I stay up late till around 4am on non-working weekends, I can still munch 2nd round at 2am and such. But with this African mango, I almost dont need suppers, which is pretty amazing. Sometimes maybe just 1 round of supper and it's also very little, like maybe a donut. It doused your appetite just a little, so that you tend to eat lesser and dont feel that excited about eating. But it doesnt totally drench your appetite SO badly like some drugs do and thus make you moody.

Because good appetite with good food simply makes one happy. People who takes doctors' drugs for weight-loss(like I did before) tend to get alittle moody because when you continuously dont have any appetite for more than a month, you will get moodswings especially if you're previously a foodie. For this African Mango, no moodswings.

Also, for doctor's prescribed weight-loss drugs, because of all the appetite-suppressant effects, you almost dont feel hungry at all. So mostly, you'll forgot to eat or you tend to eat very little. Therefore, you feel fatigue easily because the food you ate dont give you enough energy. Usually it's the fatigue which reminds you that you got to eat to keep your energy up. I have to say you'll see results pretty fast! But be careful if it takes a toil on your body. Generally we know these drugs are harmful to our body. Also, the last time I took, my boobs shrinked by exactly 1 cup size too. Eventually I've stopped eating, eventually gained back my weight(sigh....), together with my boobs. Zzzz.

Instead with this African Mango, it's amazing because you can feel the energy of a full meal despite only eating so little. You dont feel tired at all! My stomach is super duper sensitive and I've experience no stomach pains whatsoever. Thumbs up. Too bad it doesnt improve my bowel system. Boo!

After reading so much positive remarks, I guess you'll be so attracted to buying it.

But let me tell you, I didnt lose ANY weight. (=.=)'''''''''''''' Which is SUPER DISAPPOINTING!
I lamented to dearie, "I already ATE SO LITTLE!! Why still never lose any weight??" =(
My weight stays the same, with the usual 1kg to 1.5kg of fluctuations(either up or down) which are completely NORMAL and nothing to do with this. SO, it means, something in this African Mango suppress your appetite, dont let you feel hungry easily, gives you energy for day to day activities but it doesnt make you lose any weight!(for me). 

And you know what is the bizarre thing about it???

My boobs actually got 1 cup size bigger. Which is super irritating. 

Initially I didnt know until I tried out some bras. I thought I was simply getting fatter when they felt fuller. The sales auntie measured my circumference and I realized it's still the same. So it's not like I got fatter. It's super weird. Anyway, I bought 2 bras based on the auntie's advice and went home to weigh myself. Because I want to know did the boobs grow because of any weight gain. But surprisingly, my weight is, or has always been, the same. No up no down. 

I'm not taking any other health supplements, nor did I change my diet or anything. I still eat as per normal, occasional fried food, suppers etc and my usual collagen which I always take. Frankly speaking, I'm not that happy with the change in cup size because I think I'll look even more improportional. And it's UGLY. Not to mention very difficult to buy bras in future lor. Just like my shoes. Arghhhhhhh!

Oh well. I simply feel African Mango is not really what you're looking for if you want to lose weight. But if you wanna eat lesser, like maybe to keep yourself from eating junk food and unhealthy suppers, but still able to keep your energy up with no fatigue, no gastric pain, this is SUPER GREAT. I think it's very suitable for sales people, a.k.a me, because we dont have time to eat alot but still need alot of energy to run about doing sales. Erm...the cup size thing is really bizarre but if you want then you can try it out though I really dont understand how did it happen OR whether it's due to it.

(Disclaimer: This entry is purely my personal experience and opinions after taking African Mango PER FIT for 3 weeks, somewhat, regularly. This product is not sponsored in anyway and I got it online as per some facebook page. If you're interested, you can email me for the contact but I'm not gaining anything from any sales of it. And I wont be liable for any mis-use or any misleading information you might deduce from my entry NOR am I be held responsible for any health issues that you might suffer if you do eventually try it. Do consult a doctor if possible prior to trying, etc)


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    1. Please note I'm not selling this. If you want then email me at

  2. Received your email and replied. =)

    *Please note I'm not selling this*

  3. Yes, The African mango is great option to losing the weight, Because this is pure natural and safe to use it.
    Source: More Info

    1. yes i agree, i also reduce 2 kg weight with in a month it actaully works

  4. Bfeed can take it ? Can u whatsup me / sms me 0147386325 .. I wan tp try it..

    1. I'm not sure, because I'm not selling. Please consult your gynae.
      If you're interested then refer here,
      The number is there. =)

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