Sunday, August 11, 2013

Return of the DBS screw ups - Part 1

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Previously I blogged about my frustrations on the irregularity of my DBS credit card paper statements here. DBS emailed me for "feedback" after they saw the entry and I blogged it here. Anyway because after multiple feedbacks and complaints, the situation was still the same, hence I "surrender" and opted for e-statements. 6 days ago, I received the email reminder but DBS ibanking was down. So I marked the email as "Unread". So troublesome. Duhz. And today I just logged in again to view the e-statement. Guess what?

"MARCH???" I exclaimed loudly with eyes almost popping out of my sockets. Without tearing my eyes away from the screen, "Dear, now is AUG right?! How can my latest DBS credit card e-statement be March??"

*Deep breath*


Now how the hell am I suppose to pay my bills, since I neither have paper or e-statements??? No doubt, they're going to earn another late fee charge as I try to sort this out for as long as they can take. Arrgggghhhh!!! I suppose since both paper and e-statements also fail, I reckon they will want me to call them up twice every month to check my balances and simply pay per se?

But think again, mine is just a small problem.

Look at my friend,

She's even more suay than me. 

Credit card also screw up. Debit card also screw up.

That's why I say they Champion~

Champion in screw ups.

Wait wait....oh my god....for such an entry....I wonder will they......I mean will there be a hack on my credit card just like my friend for god-knows-what-amount??? Oh my god...I'm really worried. Maybe I should close my DBS account all for good, since also dont have much money there anyway. Usually I'll transfer to Standard Chartered to prevent myself from spending too much and also for higher interest. But oh...lately I heard CIMB bank offers even higher interest.


Anyway, dont wish to spoil your day even though mine is "kinda" spoilt by them. Here's an episode of 
康熙來了which I find so endearingly funny!! 

康熙來了 2013-07-25 利菁對小S的言語逆襲

利菁 is so cute! Lol. And can you imagine she's 51 years old this year??

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