Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sephora Medium Shopping Bag Makeup Palette & Sephora Happy Birthday Mini Shopping Bag Makeup Palette

Lin gave me this super gorgeous palette as my birthday pressie and really, I cant even describe how I felt then! I was really ecstatically happy! Because I loveeeeee palettes! Especially one which has such a sleek and classy packaging! Thanks girl!!!!

This set contains:
- 33 x eye shadows
- 3 x eyeliners 
- 12 x lipsticks/lip glosses
- 4 x blushes
- 2 x bronzers

Size: 0.918 oz; 4.5 x 4.5 x 1" (closed);4.5 x 8 x 8" (expanded)

Exclusive & Limited Edition.

The above 2 words are purposely to irritate you. Lol. Alright I'm just kidding. 

At 1st glance, you'll think it consists of glosses, eye shadows and blushers respectively from left to right. However if you look closely, for the eyeshadows palette, the most bottom left 3 are eye liners. Although the 3rd and 2nd bottom of the blushers palette are referred as bronzers in this palette but because they have glitters, I will prefer to use them to lend a bronzy, warm glow to cheeks minimally instead of using them for contouring, which is usually the sole purpose of a bronzer. The eyeshadows are mostly friendly colours like greens, blues, lilacs, peaches and also some of the very wearable neutrals. I'm also very glad most of the blushers are nearer to corals and dusty pinks, which are more "me". The colours of the glosses are very wearable too. 

All in all I'm satisfied with the colour combo of this palette; all the colours are extremely wearable, nothing too crazy or difficult to control. The colours are of good quality and pigmentation are okie, though buildable. The size is perfect for travel and fits into a handbag well because it's nothing too big. Maybe just a tad heavier but for the variety of colours, one shouldnt complain. Perhaps the only gripe will be there isnt a matte bronzer for contouring and you need your own brushes.

And guess what?

I was shopping at Sephora on 8th aug(my birthday eve) and only when I was paying at the counter then I realized they have a birthday gift for me(I'm a member) without any purchase. It was a genuine lovely surprise, especially when the gift is very intricate as well!

I really laughed out loud when I received it. It is a mini shopping bag palette, looking exactly the same like what Lin gave me! It contains 4 eye shadows, 2 glosses and 1 blusher. Too bad it doesnt have mini brushes. But well, it's f.o.c! Still a happy girl. Lol.

Love the colours very much, they're very "me". Silver and black for smokey eye, usually for clubbing nights. Subtle brown for casual days. Peachy beige for highlight. Dusty rose blush suits every look. 

Other than this palette, I can choose to enjoy double points(1 point is 1 dollar) OR enjoy a 10% off(because I've reached 250points) during the birthday month for members(white card). So I chose the 10% off straight away. The perks of accumulating points is because once you accumulate 250 points, you get to enjoy 10% off your next entire purchase.

I bet you must be thinking how to be a Sephora member? It's so easy!
Simply make any purchase and sign up free at any outlet will do. ALTHOUGH I'm not sure is there a specific amount of points to accumulate before they give the birthday gift for members. =O

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