Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happy 48th Birthday Singapore!!! Opps and Happy Birthday to me too!!! The Conjuring, best horror flick of the year!

Happyyyyy birthdayyyy Mummy(on 6th Aug)!!! So glad her op went well. For all who are concerned, I appreciate so so so very much! I've seen her today and she's looking good, albeit abit fatigued and suffers occasional pains from her wound. But looking at the way she speaks, I know she will be very well in no time and I finally can put my heart at ease and enjoy my birthday with my darling. =D Will blog more soon.

Happyyyyy birthdayyyyy Singapore and Happy birthday to meeee!! Had a great holiday and will blog more about it soon. Thanks for all the birthday wishes and pressies!! Smuacks!!!

Here's a urgent entry, just so you must catch the horror flick of the year!!!

Movie Title: The Conjuring
Ratings: 4.7/5

Comments: 自认还不算胆小,但这次真把姑奶奶我给吓坏了! I told dearie, this is probably the scariest horror thriller ever since the last "Dead Silence"! And guess what, they're from the same director, James Wan!! Did a google and he's a cute 36 year old Australian chap (born in Malaysia). How talented! Back to this movie, other than scaring the shit outta you, I feel the plot seems more interesting and intriguing than the usual exorcism flicks. Shocks again and again, funny at some points and has touching scenes too. I admit that I tear easily(compassion, we say it) but seriously a flick which made me scream, laugh and tear all in one, this is a first. MUST WATCH!

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