Thursday, August 1, 2013

DBS Care? Haha.

Just 10 days ago, on the 22nd of July, I received an email from Fully expecting it to be some typical marketing email, I was amused to see the content coming from their Social Media Relations Manager, John Christian Salonga, who said that they had saw my blog entry titled, DBS/POSB credit cards' bureau SUCKS!!dated 20 July 2013, "appreciated" my "feedback" and hereby wished to speak to me personally to "assist" on "my concern".

Their email came so promptly, just 2 days AFTER my entry was published. 

Anyway, he requested for my contact so that he can personally call me to address my concerns.

Seriously, that really got my blood boiling, again.

And I thought it might amuse you to see what did I replied.

"Hi John
If you've taken the patience and care to read through my entry, you would have know I've called at least 3 times to complain about this issue. And naturally, everytime after the call, I requested the issue to be posted as a feedback to higher management. And the 3rd call which triggered this explosive entry of mine was on Saturday 20th July near 11pm+ to midnight. I spoke to Gake, who assured me our conversation is recorded because I hope she can submit this whole convo as a feedback so that issues like this can be improved! I also requested an email to be send to me so that I can be informed whether measures have been taken, or AT LEAST, to acknowledge that my concerns are heard. (*Till now I didnt receive any emails or calls in regards to this matter)

Apparently, there is no such thing as "feedback" via your tele customer service if you still can email me via my blog to ask for my contact!
"Okie certainly, we will feedback to our management." is obviously a patronizing statement. So disappointing.
BTW, I've paid the bill immediately the next day despite your bank's continuous, demanding, "Immediate payment" bill. I dont owe your bank a single cent. 

John, I have no time nor patience to complain all over to you for the FOURTH TIME if you still wish to contact me to "speak to me personally to address my concern." I'm SO SICK of all the "Not to worry, we will feedback and address your concerns" assurance again and again by your tele customer service officers. Because obviously, nobody feedback, nobody cares. Until a blog entry is being posted. So ironic!

 If DBS/POSB has any respect for their customers, kindly look up the call records yourself, identify what's the problem and only call me AFTER you have taken EFFECTIVE MEASURES to solve this problem. I wont hesitate to hang up if I hear one more time that "May I know what concerns you have....Oh I see, no worries, we will feedback to address your concerns."


Haha. So far no calls or email replies. =)
I didnt expect any actually. They are as disappointing exactly the way that I've expected. *shrugged*

I admit that my attitude and tone in the email wasnt good. Because I was simply irked to realize all my previous 3 calls on feedback actually fell on deaf ears. And even so, if this John had read through my entry, he didnt really need me to tell him MY concerns all over again for the 4th time, isnt it? It's not as if he dont understand English~

Wow....I didnt expect banks nowadays to take feedbacks published online more seriously than their tele customer service. Next time, blog about your experience online. Who knows you might get an email, requesting to speak to you personally to address your concerns. That's such a personal touch. 

It's just too bad I dont like to repeat myself for more than 3 times. Seriously, 3 times is my max. And frankly speaking, I'm reallllllyyyyy not very free.

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