Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mummy's simple birthday at SGH

So came 6th Aug(just 2 days after admission), it was Mummy's birthday but she was still hospitalized and on the drip, thus she cant eat anything. I cant even buy her a cake. Sigh...... so we bought her 28 stalks of roses(she loves that number, 28->"easy prosper") from the Lembang market, half of each in baby pink and fuchsia pink. They were so lovely. =D The auntie was so nice to give me a pack of "flower food" too(to be dissolved in the water so that the flowers sustain longer). And it's only S$35.

I actually passed the bouquet to mummy to let her see and smell the flowers before I transferred them to the vase we brought. She was so happy. =) They were then put on the table just infront of her bed so that she sees them everyday, hopefully can lift her spirits. Didnt remember to take a picture of the lovely flowers in the vase though. They looked magnificent!

Nothing seems appropriate as a birthday gift for her current situation. Bag? She also cant use it then. Perfume? Zzzz. Whoever wears perfume in a hospital. And I thought a kawaii cushion for her to hug to sleep would be perfect. So we got her 1 lovely rainbow colour cushion with the softest fur imaginable in a shape of a lollipop! Just looking at it makes me happy too! And she hugged it to sleep every night in the hospital. =)  It's from Candylicious from RWS.

Some ideas for you if your loved one (unfortunately) spends her birthday in the hospital. If you're good in art and has enough time, it's great if you can get a big-ass card and gather all family members to write blessings on it. =) Sometimes it's not the value but the heart that counts.

Also, I wish to thank all my colleagues as well as my director for the 2 hampers which they sent to the hospital. And all the blessings in one way or another. Thank you all!!

Ahh...now as I blogged, I realized we had forgotten to pass her the birthday pressie we got for her days later. Sigh....actually she just discharged on sunday 18th AUG(the day before) but just last night 19th AUG, we went SGH A&E again at around 9pm.......she's okay now though....And we only reached home at 3+am today....so damn shag. will blog about her medication condition part 3 soon. Today will be a happy entry.

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