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Alvin, Yuki and Zoeraymond.....A match made in heaven? So is thunder and lightning.

This few days hor.........also dont know what happened....I just got to hear many shattering love stories and really, even though all these got nothing to do with me, I just feel saddened by them. Just recently, I heard the sad story and just yesterday, through some facebook shares/links and stuff, I got to read some news about Alvin Yang, Yuki Ng and Zoe Raymond. And I suddenly remembered Lyn mentioned this to me before last year but I did not press for more nor go google about it. Hmm........I never heard of Alvin and Yuki but did heard of Zoe Raymond before. Lin liased with her for an advertorial before and from the exchanges Lin told me she had with Zoe, she is really not a lady of character. And now simply by chance, I got to know about it and seriously this got to be super heartbreaking for Yuki. For an engagement to be broken off just 2 months before the wedding with all the wedding invites already out, especially when the cause is because of a 3rd party, really, I think if it's me, I will have suicidal thoughts too...

美女?? Are you seriously kidding me????

Yes, the picture looks nice. Because no face.

I give you the fcuk face now.

The Story of Alvin Yang, Yuki Ng and Zoe Raymond

Pretty? Really?

Yuki looks 10times prettier and sweeter.

The Story of Alvin Yang, Yuki Ng and Zoe Raymond

Yes I can be biased whatsoever with the choice of pics, but the issue here is not to do with LOOKS. EVEN if Zoe is prettier, that doesnt mean she got the right to behave the way she did.

Oh yes, how can we forget the 男猪角? I sincerely wish he gets bald sooner than it ever will be. =)

If you're interested, this link has all the links to the full story...YThis happened back in 2012. Yuki actually blogged about the whole incident(separated into 3 episodes, Chinese one is more detailed) and even started a facebook page as well to reveal the flow of the whole drama....of course the adulterous pair earned a great deal of contempt and insults, which I fully feel they deserved. Really...if you read through the whole story, the pair were not innocent as it looked. I mean, frankly speaking, love has no right or wrong and when love disappears and when you're not technically bounded by a marriage cert(yet. They're only fiance and fiancee)'s hard to draw the line...when one is supposed to love his fiance but yet falls in love with another. BUT wait till you read the whole story, you'll know how heartless is Alvin and how malicious, cunning and manipulative Zoe is. She even slapped Yuki's sister who was pregnant during the confrontation. Heard they filed a lawsuit. They're not the innocent couple who fell in love by chance, hated the fate for setting them up and then feeling sorry for Yuki because they let her down. No, they're nothing of the sort. They're a pair of very selfish, heartless beings. FYI, Alvin cheated on his fiancee while Zoe also cheated on her boyfriend. Perfect match right, both of them. Throw Singaporeans' face! (Yuki is from Malaysia) Something is very very wrong with this Zoe. She obviously enjoys the kick of breaking couples up and snatching other people's boyfriends/fiances/husbands. Why?? To feel superior?? To feel attractive?? She's totally sick!! Apparently, it's not the first time too.

Frankly speaking, I never feel she's pretty and much less now after I know what kind of person she is. 17years old already can move into a guy's house and break up people's 9years relationship?? Wah lau 17 years old I'm still an innocent virgin who dont know how to make up lor. What kind of guys will like her? Her recent facebook page showcased 3 bouquets of flowers during Valentines which are either from her admirers or else she sent them herself. Are guys really that superficial? I mean I also dont understand how to use the word "superficial" when I dont even find her attractive. Maybe I should say, are guys really that attracted to initiative girls full of passion, writes lovey-dovey love letters and good at seducing with bed antics etc and such?? Alvin used 10 condoms with Zoe in less than a month(revealed by Yuki) so I can only assume they have great chemistry in bed. Is that kick in bed so important that a man will leave a fiancee or wife whom he supposedly love for years? Especially with a younger female than your girlfriend/wife.

Although all this has no business to do with me, I just wish to say my own thoughts on my own blog, not that I feel anyone did anything wrong or anything right. I'm not trying to judge but what I dont understand is why Yuki still want Alvin back despite already knowing that he cheated. I dont feel the need to meet Zoe at all and to ask that question, "是不是你主动先勾引Alvin?" and things like that. Does it takes both hands to clap..sorry but that's the truth. Zoe might be a b* but Alvin is 10times more incorrigible. He didnt even care when Yuki committed suicide many times.

Sigh......anyway........all these happened last year......and from Yuki's blog and facebook page...I think she gathered herself together....though I believed she hasnt completely moved on or recovered from the hurt. I really hope she can move on and regain confidence in herself. Hope she can find a man who truly treasures her for who she is.

It really chills my heart to know a guy's heart can simply change in days... A friend once told me, 男人要变,一天就可以了。Oh yes how true. I also came across another more tragic Sg story where a husband call Gerald had an affair with his colleague Rowena, who was also married, during their Citibank 3weeks Geneva's training trip, and forsaked her then-pregnant wife Janice. So so so sad!! You telling me true love blossoms in 3weeks? That is lust, not love. Sigh........the story was also revealed in Janice's's not the original blog(locked) but details and pictures were there. I believed the person who started the blog just wanna see justice that the adulterous pair gained "recognition". Which I really dont mind. Imagine you dont know this couple and thought they're great people. Who knows they're such selfish beings? I swear I will kick the bloody asshole if I ever see him in Sg. Janice's picture is mosaic-ed to protect her. The picture on the right is Rowena. Heard both are in Barclays now.


This happened in 2006....Janice should have a daughter of around 6-7 years old now....Poor be born in an incomplete family......And like all stories I heard, the victim is always so much prettier. We can now almost conclude guys are not really all in for looks....... hmm......I still believe it's sexual attraction and chemistry. Heard few stories around me also like that.

Sigh......will my hubby treat me like this also? =(

So really, if anyone of you saw him behaving intimately with anyone else other than me, please kindly inform me!! There will be a cash reward of $10,000!! Baht, I mean. Lol. I'm kidding but really, I will be super thankful and appreciative!! Here's my email, fionlim89(at) Oh yes I'm serious. Who knows what will happen? I dont trust him? Of course I do!! But again, anything is possible whattttttt. =P Eh but of course if you really want to inform me then please provides pictures/videos la.....otherwise say liao equal never say. And please dont spam me hor. Thanks! =)

Here are his left, right and full frontal views. LOL!!!
Eh he's much fairer in real person and around 1.8m in height. 

Oh and dont bother asking him who's the missing guy and girl in question because he dont know. I knew he cant keep secrets and easily blurt out things he shouldnt so I never tell him. =P

That's probably why I feel kinda miserable now. You know it's like you need to keep a secret. A dirty one somemore.

Singapore's so small. It's definitely a super stupid move to cheat, much less with a colleague.

Actually really..........someone should really set up a blog to showcase people who cheat, together with the 小三's and name etc. Maybe less people will dare to cheat in future! Heehee!! Wonderful idea isnt it? =D Wahahaha =P

Then after meeting my colleague, I left to meet Iv, Cel etc for drinks, in name of celebrating Steph's birthday. Actually it doesnt really felt like a celebration because all were gambling money and drinking. ZzzzZzz. We stayed till pretty late where finally the pub closed at 3+am. Eventually we all split into different cars to be on our way home and guess what, we bumped into each other again at some kiosks at Bt timah road when we needed to pump petrol. And Cel said to me and Fm, "Enjoy" with a twinkle in the eyes. (=.=)''''''''''' 3plus AM, ask us to "enjoy". Unless I'm an idiot, I couldnt have misunderstood her meanings. Really, I told Fm my reputation is being torn into shreds already, part of it contributed by my very dear Cel. He laughed so heartily that I really feel he's enjoying it. Tmd....of course he's a single guy, he dont mind. But I do!!! =( In fact, it's not the first time such gossips follow me around especially I have guy FRIENDS who are very nice to send me home. I also have a friend/acquaintance who asked me every single time whether the guy beside me is my boyfriend. I said umpteen times that I'm married and I dont have any boyfriends! And he was like, "So what?? So many people have husbands and still comes out to play." *Breathe deeply* Can kindly dont assume anything of me just because of what you practice or preach. And it's not as if I went out drinking alone with a guy friend. We are all in groups.

Sometimes, some friends around me simply have different beliefs etc. I mean, of course we are all different in our own ways and brought up differently. But really, during the BKK trip, we were saying like "Oh who and who is single hor, who else is single? Maybe can patch them up or introduce them my single friends", things like that. You guys know I love matchmaking. =) So 1 colleague mentioned, "Oh that who lor, he's single". Then I said, "No lah, he got girlfriend liao." Then another colleague added, "Girlfriend ONLY mah. Still can introduce one. Can always break off. Engaged or married ones then cannot."

I was like, "Wah!" (=.=)''''''''''' Again, I never thought she has this kind of perspective. Then I realized, I really dont understand my colleagues. Which of course, not surprising since we didnt really share alot of stuff off-work. Hmm.....of course I know you still have the right to change your mind/choice before you sign on the ROM cert, but to me, if I'm single that is, guys who are attached are strictly off limits. That is, I wont let anything go past the friendship stage. But apparently, not all people think like me. I a dinosaur?

I remembered I once liked a guy and we progressed really quickly but was quickly shattered when I realized  he has a girlfriend of more than a year. By then, my feelings already ran deep and it was hard to broke off immediately. Then again, I never thought of replacing the girlfriend nor do things like that Zoe. I know I'm so so so in the wrong. I tried very hard to broke off even though he wished me to stay. Like a 小三 kinda thing. Seriously, who does he think he is? *Rolls eyes* It was tough at first but it got easier. Nobody is indispensable one lah. Just takes time. And new people. Hee. =) I have to thank my first boyfriend of 3 years though. If he didnt break my heart so thoroughly when I was 21, I wouldnt be so tough after that.

Kinda reminded me of the song, 多得他(cantonese version of Super Woman). Sammi's version. =)

曲:Babyface/L.A. Reid/D. Simmons 詞:林夕



* 多得他給我勇氣



REPEAT * * *

OH BABY 他的愛意反覆改變我

REPEAT * * *




Such meaningful lyrics. =)

After him, I seldom get overly depressed over relationships. With each passing heartbreak, I got more cynical. I kinda dont trust men that much. And no matter how sad I was, I usually(not always) took less than a month to recover and move on. Not because I'm heartless and made of stone, but simply because  我看得开,拿得起,放得下。

Of course, for hubby*touch wood*, it's definitely not the same. I will probably take my own life.

I'm kidding of course sweetie. =)

Even if I have to die, I'll definitely take you with me. =)

LOL. I sound scary isnt it? Kekeke. Though again........I wonder who truly understands me in this world~


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