Monday, February 25, 2013

February 2013 favorites

So's already nearing the end of February 2013. Here's a quick entry on my favorites. Mostly on hair products because I just dyed and permed my hair not long ago, sometime before CNY. It wasnt wavy enough so I had to re-perm it. As a result, my hair are friedddddddd. So I seek out a few hair products for my newly coloured permed hair....which arent really curly...just alittle wavy.

From hair to face to makeup, I've covered it all - a total of 10 faves. Hope you like it. =P

Marc Anthony - Dream Waves Amplifying Shampoo

Tried and love the shampoo. Although sulfate free, it lathers very easily, a little goes a super long way. It amplifies my waves and did not dry out my hair. More importantly, I love how it keeps my scalp fresh for more than 12hours(I have oily scalp). It also have UV protection if I'm not wrong and gives protection against colour fading. My hair colour did fade off to be a lighter shade now but frankly speaking, it's very even and I still like it. At least this shampoo didnt give me golden streaks like how L'oreal(colour care red bottle) did. The only thing which bothers me is it smells too sweet bah........, they say it's coconut? Improves health of hair through time.

Pantene - CliniCare - Hair Time Renewal One Wash Treatment

Makes hair soft and smooth. Apply after shampoo and rinse off.
Pack of 10 costing around S$18 at Watson. Dont let it anywhere near scalp.

L'oreal Professional - Mythic Oil

Leave-in treatment. Leaves hair really glossy and looking healthy.
Sold at around S$45 or more in some local salons but I bought at around S$28 from Glamstar(ebay) including shipping from Athens. I came across this line when I did a treatment in a salon. The S$98 treatment used the entire line of products from Mythic Oil(with treatment mask and steaming etc) and I was impressed by the obvious result which lasted for many days. Shampoo/Conditioner selling at around S$30 each at local salons. Might try them someday if I can find online ones selling cheaper. =P

The Face Shop - Brightening Rice Water - Eye&Lip makeup remover
Best eye&lip makeup remover I've ever used. Shake before use.
Apply on cotton wool. Gentle but effective. Doesnt leave oily residue. Pleasant smell.
 For really stubborn eye makeup, press on eyes for 10seconds or so before wiping makeup off.

Naruko - Magnolia Brightening & Firming Night Gelly
Recommended by Lin! Light and refreshing gel texture which is very soothing. Not oily.
Brightens skin through time and does not break me out. Love it very much, onto my 2nd tub. I dont really feel it firms up my skin though. Only complaint is the packaging, just dont like anything in tubs. Around S$15 in Watsons.

Shills - Moisturizing & Whitening Facial Gel Mask
Apply with a spatula to face and rinse off after 30minutes or so
Whitens the skin and leaves skin supple and fresh. Very cooling, not oily too.
S$20odd at ALT Beauty, BHG departmental stores.

Picture Credits:
Kiss Me - Heavy Rotation - Eyebrow Palette Shade 01
Like the colours, very nice brown.
Very lasting. Costs less than S$20 and comes with a very decent brush.

Cathy Doll - Speed White CC cream(CC = colour control/colour correcting) in beige

Firstly, how adorable is the packaging?? Leopard preens, I like~~~ Made in Korea.
CC cream seems to be the next in thing after BB cream in year 2013, as it comes with even more skin care benefits than BB creams. Comes with SPF50 PA+++, pretty good oil control and very lasting. I can skip oil control toner and primer, really saves me time. Light and refreshing on the skin but yet corrects the colour in a natural way. Light texture so it blends easily to a matte finish, though alittle powdery. Colour leans more to the fair side so more suitable for fair-skinned people. If you ask me, it's coverage is better than a tinted moisturizer but less than a typical Asian BB cream. And I realized, after makeup removing, skin looks brighter than usual. Hubby confirmed it too. So it might be the nutrients and properties in this CC cream is working? Bought from Karmart in Bangkok for around S$8(think only 200baht only) but guess you can get it in Gmarket/Ebay(around S$30+).

Etude House - Precious Mineral Sun (loose) Powder, SPF15 PA+++  

Very very small and kawaii pot. Easy to bring out. Only S$15. Comes with fragrance, I dont mind though I dont really like. The finest and smoothest loose powder I've ever used. Feels like a dream. Makes your skin real smooth. Even better than my holy grail Laura Mercier loose powder  because it's also more lasting and makes the skin feels much smoother. Little coverage. Extremely light and fine, so much so when I pat on my face, powders tend to fly. So I need to hold my breath if I'm patting on this powder for light coverage. If I soothe the puff over my face, then powder wont fly. 1 colour but pretty translucent. If you want more coverage at night, can always touch up with it's line of pressed powder; Precious Mineral Sun Pact SPF50, PA+++. Mentioned before as my favorite because of it's high SPF too. Pretty lasting, natural coverage.

The Face Shop - Lovely Me Ex Pastel Cushion Blusher in Peach

Lovely peach colour. Very fine texture and subtle so doesnt burden the cheeks(make your makeup look thick). But better to apply lightly with your brush instead of using the puff(doesnt distribute colour evenly). Colour is buildable. Might not be suitable for tanned complexions. Lasting power OK. It has some fragrance but not over powering. Pretty small pot, but bulky. Pretty and good packaging(pretty air-tight despite made from thick cardboard). Bought from Princess Pink Shop at, around S$10 including postage. Seller said this contains subtle glitter but really not visible. It's the kind of blush which you will like to collect all the colours.

Feel free to share any favorites/alternatives you have too. =)

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