Sunday, February 24, 2013

Putien Codfish Specialty House @ 2 Phoenix Road

I meant to blog about this great codfish steamboat place for a long while but didnt quite pluck up the effort because the location is kinda difficult to describe and we dont really know the address because our 1st visit was being brought by a friend. After that, we simply remember how to go. Today I asked for a namecard. Because I think it really deserves a recommendation.

If you know me, you will know I dont really take fast food or hawker food or eat at places without aircon because I'm such a b*'s just because I'm one who avoids the heat at all cost. And also, I cant take the same food 2 days in a row. This, I have to say, is one of the exceptions where I can eat for 2 days in a row and willingly sit in a non air-conditioned place for it.

The specialty: Cod fish Steamboat
Remember to order 肉炉(鳕鱼), so that it doest come with bones.
We usually order the small size one(S$25) which is pretty sufficient for 2 to 3 pax(if you're ordering other dishes as well)

Might have a few bones sometimes but kinda seldom.
Free refill too. I can drink the whole steamboat of broth, absolutely delicious!! Very 鲜甜!
Sometimes, the 1st helping of the broth might not be very flavourful so might need to wait awhile for the broth to boil so that it has more flavour. But usually they're pretty good for the 1st helping.

Prawn Omelette(S$8)
Ample fresh prawns and I like that it's not oily

Stir-fried Kai lan(with garlic)(S$8)
Much prefer this to it's Sambal Kangkong

Note: My recommendations will be the above which are the usual dishes we order. Very sufficient for 2 people, especially when I sometimes skip the rice because of the carbs. I feel the 排骨王 is not bad too. Sambal Kangkong is only OK. I dont like their Chilli Lala, I had nicer ones elsewhere. We tried some other dishes too but they're pretty forgettable. Anyway, their specialty is the Codfish steamboat so go with it will definitely not go wrong. =)

It's located at 2 Phoenix Road, near to Phoenix LRT, atop a "hill".
It's the very last shop along the row the shophouses.

If you hear a friendly, loud, booming voice issuing greetings at you, no doubt, he's the boss. A very robust and funny uncle. Sometimes we are disappointed that it's closed when we purposely make the trip down. It closes on some alternate Tuesdays if I'm not wrong. Anyway, if you're purposely making the trip down especially if you dont stay near, you can drop a call.

I've accumulated quite many foodie pictures and maybe it's time to slowly blog them one by one. =/

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