Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A wonderful CNY and Valentines Day to all!

Belated Valentine's and friendship day to everyone!!! I had a great one and I hope everyone had the same or even better! I dont know why this year's CNY seems sOooOo rush!! It's like so many things to do yet so little time. Few days before CNY, dearie and me rushed to write CNY cards to our clients/friends. All painstakingly handwritten with love love love =P, until our hands almost 抽筋!!! Then we had New Year's Eve dinner with our families, 拜年 to our dear friends and colleagues, gambling/mahjiong/drinking etc. After that, we hastily celebrated Vday and the very next day flew off to BKK with our colleagues!! We didnt even have time to go to the bank to change new notes. So, sorry if our angbaos dont have ironed-straight cash. Lol. But still money right? =P

As usual, our CNY Eve's were spent with dearie's families and it was great as it felt very heart-warming. *Warm fuzzy feelings* I love such dinners and listening to dearie's exchanges with father-in-law and brother-in-law because they're so funny. Mother-in-law and me were usually more quiet during dinners. Heehee. Demure mah. Wahahaha. I really envy the kind of closeness we have with the in-laws side. Contrary to them, my own family is much less close-knitted. Dinner was never complete with all family members. *Deleted a whole chunk of paragraph because it sounds...kinda sad...* Oh long so Mummy is healthy and Xiang is loving with his new wife, I'm fine. =D

We also went River Angbao to 猜灯谜 with parents-in-law. Father-in-law is very good at that!! But this year's 灯谜 seemed more difficult. And seriously they should dedicate a bigger area to that because the whole area was super squeezy and many people had to stand outside the tentage.

Went Cel's house to gamble poker and mahjiong too on Chu 1 night after dinner with my family. Lost a hundred I think. I NEVER win when Iv is in the game. %^&()(*&^%$ He's one super lucky a&&.... =P Ok lah but we had fun. Early night though, we went home around 1+am. Also caught a drinking session with the same gang on Chu 3. Drank so much and suffered a headache the next morning(Chu 4). =( Woke up late. Dearie still went to a client's place to collect a cheque(talk about professionalism. Keke) then we rushed to boss's place to 拜年. Stayed for 1+hour before we rushed to Rey's new house again to gather with the gang like Kel and Jy. =D Chatted so much, friendly gambled abit. So fun!! Ahhh....we wished we can gather more often but it's kinda difficult with work and family/kids. =( Jio another 2 frens to play mahjiong with Rey and me and dearie and the girls left home at around 10pm. I think I won a S$30? Ya think so. Keke.

Valentine's Day on Chu 5!!

Surprise mini bouquet! Hmm.....quite one of the smallest bouquet I ever received from dearie. HAHA. Even his usual-apology bouquet is bigger. Lol. Usually he buys me a dozen(also already the biggest he ever bought. HAHAHA). Oh well, but thinking back, I rather he dont buy this year, because we flew to BKK the very next day...and the mini bouquet was left to wilt......all by it's own....boohoo...

Stilllllllllllllllllllllllll, thanks honey!!! Coincidence!! So red that day!!

Without any surprise, dearie bought me to HIS favorite cod fish place, which is at The Pump Room. And indeed, we're still pretty pleased with it's one and only grilled cod. Yums yums! And maybe because it's Valentines, for once, we had very polite and attentive locals other than bo-chup and nua Pinos serving us. Eh in fact, he looked like the manager or something. In any case, we were pretty pleased that evening; good food, good service, nice ambience(okay lah not too bad).

Dearie said he booked a movie at 8pm at Vivo...but somehow I felt something fishy because lately no nice movies(we both grumbled about it days ago already)........and when he missed the exit to Vivo....I knew something was amiss. =P  We landed in Resort World Sentosa.....Festive Hotel.....Festive Grand....for a wonderful performance, Incanto. =D

No pictures can be taken of course. This pic of the stage was taken after the show ended. And for a price of S$101 for pretty good seats(though still a distance from the huge stage of course), it's super duper worth it! It's like a medley of singing, dancing, live performance/show, magic, drama etc. I have to say the singing is not to be reckon with but for the overall effect and performance, I strongly encourage you to catch it! Show ends 10th March. Afterall, pretty boring, movies/clubs/pubs/ktvs aside. =P

We're so damn shag after the 1.5hours performance(dont know why!!), maybe because it's too much to handle? So we headed home to pack our luggage for our 9+am flight. Which literally meant we needed to wake up at 7+am. Once home, I hurriedly bathed Vickki, brought her to Mummy's place and by the time we went to bed, it's around 4+am!! We only grabbed 3 hours of sleep. ZzzZzz.

An entry long enough....BKK trip to be continued.......

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