Wednesday, February 20, 2013

BKK trip in February 2013

Nothing much I can say about our 5d4n BKK trip because it's basically 买东西,吃东西, 买东西,吃东西!!!! Heeheehee We're a super big crowd of like 15 pax? 7 couples and dear Caliz. And I'm a follower, most of the times. Being a direction idiot...I simply followed. Except for the last day, dearie and me walked ourselves at Platinum because I want to buy some stuffs while the others went MBK to get local products and handphone cases.

This trip wasnt very fulfilling actually because I didnt find many clothings I like and the few I bought werent flattering. *SOBS* I'm too fat already. =~( Quite the first time dearie bought more clothings than me, especially when he also tailored 4 shirts. Pretty nice and good quality!! Around 1100baht per shirt with detailings. Al's tailored suit also very nice, only S$160! If I know so cheap, would have encouraged dearie to do it. Ask me in private if you need recommendations. =P

On a happier note, I grabbed like more than 10 clutches(7 are mine. Hee) and 3 bags and 5 pairs of shoes. Wahahahahaha. I also bought some accessories like bangles, necklace and also some stuff from Naraya. Naraya was super duper packed....which I dont really understand why. One stupid B* from China stepped on my foot and it's so painful that I winced pretty loudly. She just "Ohhhhh!!" and then left without apologizing. I just removed my toe nail polish and it's blue black. =(

I also bought some home fragrances, caps, clutches from Chatuchat(CTC). OMG, so damn suffocatingly hot!! Walked all the way where we reached the train station and we fled inside for aircon and yummy crepes! Bought some stuff for Vickki too. Saw super adorable rabbits and puppies but cant buy them home. =(  I was super angry at 1 point in time because there was this little boy from China who lifted one tiny puppy shih tzu and then simply threw it down into the playpen after he lost interest. I can feel my anger rising and it finally erupted when he used both hands to press down with force on another puppy's stomach. I then pulled his hands away and exclaimed in English(forgot to speak Chinese), "How can you do that??? Pressing his stomach like that, it will hurt him when he's still a baby!!" And the asshole's mother still got the cheek to ask me, "不可以吗??"  I said, "当然lah!! 你想如果有人用力按你的肚子,你会舒服吗??!!" The pair just looked meek. Fcking assholes.......Oh yes....of course they dont feel anything. They EAT them in China mah. Even the dogs owners also bo chup. I just angrily stomped away. Arrghhh.......

Oh I also bought some products from No.7 at Boots located at Central World. I heard it's a pretty good brand somewhere, Jan said so too. Anxious to try it because it's hypo-allergenic which is great for sensitive skin like mine. We also grabbed nice dinners at a restaurant at Siam Square(in the pic, great food) and Tawandang(so-so food, tourist prices).

The first night I had chest pain. #$%^&*(*&^% So I didnt managed to finish shopping for the whole stretch of Siam Square Night market.........BUT.....before the chest pain became unbearable, I did wandered into a pretty kawaii PINK shop call Karmart. It looked like Etude house! It sells all sorts of skincare, cosmetics and stuff like that and most of the products are made in Korea. Grabbed many stuff back too from Cathy their CC cream(colour control cream) etc and even got 2 free pink pouches. Keke. Shall do a review of No.7 as well soon if they're good! Dearie also bought 2 pairs of shoes from Platinum. =) Of course we had thai massages too!! Oh manz...I can do it everyday!! If only it's as cheap as in Sg. Haiz.

Then hor, quite unfortunately on the last day...I had stomach upset. It's prettttyyyyy bad as I had to walk super duper slowly because it hurts like HELL. Something like the pain I had for the last BKK food poisoning incident but it's more bearable. Still painful though! We stayed at Budacco which is around 5-10minutes walk from Baiyoke Sky. And I was walking ever so slowly with my hand to my stomach and a staff at Budacco was so worried and concerned.....clearing the sofas and asking me to lie down(because checked out already)...pass me hot towel to put on my stomach......fetching me warm water. Really, it's so heart-warming. Dearie also not as attentive. He was pretty amazed too, and said, "She's like genuinely concerned!" Oh yes....Lol. I felt so bad I'm unable to tip them more than I wish because we're all running low on cash.

Service at Budacco was top-notched and you cant even believe how cheap the rates are. It's around S$60+ per night. Though of course for the price, there is some misses as well. The pictures at the website looked better than the real thing, though the hotel is still relatively new. However, I dont like the fact that the basin is located in the room rather than in the toilet. Very inconvenient. And the floors were not carpeted. Need to manually lock the rooms with keys too. Though that's about it. Bed ok, just no extra pillows. Breakfast is pretty good too though little variety, considering most continental hotel breakfasts suck. One thing, because it's kinda inaccessible, so usually when we cab, we need to drop at Baiyoke Sky and then walked inside as it's kinda located inside an alley. But it's brightly lit and have decent shops along the alley and feels very safe so no worries. If you have a tight budget, you can consider it.

I endured the pain all the way, walking like a snail. Sigh...their airport dont have wheel chair......but once I rested on the plane, I felt much better. And I recovered by the time I reached Sg. So dearie said it's not food poisoning of any sort because I dont have diarrhoea or vomit and I felt better when I dont move. We deduced it's probably some muscle spasms or something? Aiya, dont know lah....but....hopefully it wont happen again. =(

Shopping in bangkok is not as good and cheap as it used to be. Most of the stuff I bought are around 600baht, which is around S$25. $%^&*($%^&*. And you can hardly find nice stuff(clothings) below 400baht(S$15). Though again, I always prefer quality than quantity. In comparison(clothings wise), not alot of difference if compare with Bugis Street. I did bought some very nice dresses from the January BKK trip that costs 800baht each. And this price was because I bought 3 dresses from the same shop. ZzzZz. Like these dresses, my clutches and shoes are the best buys this time round as all these costs more than S$50 in Sg. But sadly, this time when I went back to the shop, they dont have new dresses. And all these BKK sellers are really having more attitude already, they seldom let you bargain for more than 50baht and dont dream about them calling after you when you start to leave. They will just continue to do their stuff. Lol. I'll say 4 days is enough for a bangkok trip now, rather than the 6days I preferred last year.

Still, we had fun!! We're too big a group already so mostly we split into small groups for more efficient shopping! Special thanks to Lyn and Jan who were wonderful shopping kakkis...Caliz and Angi and the others too and of course most of all...dearie...who had to carry my shopping bags due to my chest pains and stomachache....I'm such a pain in the a**. Sorry darling.... =P

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